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Turkey is No. 1 in global humanitarian aid


Turkey is No.1 in the world for the provision of humanitarian aid, according to the 2013 report by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency released on Sunday.

Turkey managed $4.3 billion in humanitarian aid sent through its official channels and non-profit organizations around the world, and that amount, with respect to Turkey’s Gross National Product, ranks it as first in the world. Countries are ranked in the report by the amount of aid provided with respect to the country’s GNP.

The report explains that the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency played an important role in conducting Turkey’s “soft power” foreign policy.

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Jesus sent by God with a Message from God ISLAM (Video)

info-pictogram1 The Beauty of Islam is that in Islam Muslims don’t deny any of the Messengers that God had sent to guide humanity with nor do we make any of them into a God or a part of God. God Almighty is alone Worthy of Worship without any partners or associates. In Islam you don’t need a middle man between you and your Maker, it’s a direct dial up to your Creator with no secretary to put you on hold, and that’s why Islam continues to be the fastest growing way of life in the world because the more you learn about it the more it makes sense, and Islam provides all the evidence to you the sceptic to prove that it is the truth from God.
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Ferguson: National Guard Troops Sent In As Violence Continues (Video)

info-pictogram1 Missouri Governor Jay Nixon lifts the curfew in Ferguson, Missouri just hours after deploying the Missouri National Guard. The role of the Guard will be limited but troops will protect the police command center. This all part of the fallout after the police shooting of unarmed black teen Michael Brown.

Problems are not sent to destroy you. They Are sent to promote, increase and strengthen you.

gb copy Problems are not sent to destroy you. They Are sent to promote, increase and strengthen you.
es copy Los problemas no son enviados a destruir. Son enviados a promover, incrementar y fortalecer usted.
nl copy Problemen worden niet gestuurd om je te vernietigen. Ze zijn gestuurd te bevorderen, en het versterken van je.
fr copy Problèmes ne sont pas envoyés à vous détruire. Ils sont envoyés à promouvoir, accroître et de renforcer vous.
de copy Probleme werden nicht gesendet, um Sie zu zerstören. Sie gesendet werden, zu fördern, zu stärken und zu erhöhen Sie.
CN67867 Wèntí bù huì fāsòng gěi huǐle nǐ. Tāmen bèi sòng dào cùjìn, tígāo hè jiāqiáng nǐ.
Sweden Problemen är inte skickas för att förstöra dig. De skickas för att främja, öka och stärka dig.
rus7897 Problemy ne otpravlyayutsya unichtozhit’ vas . Oni otpravlyayutsya na pooshchreniye, uvelichit’ i ukrepit’ vas.
4523turkey Sorunlar sizi yok etmek için gönderilir. Seni teşvik artırmak ve güçlendirmek için gönderilir.
images I problemi non vengono inviati a distruggerti. Essi sono inviati a promuovere, incrementare e rafforzare voi.
indonesiaID Masalah tidak dikirim untuk menghancurkan Anda. Mereka Apakah dikirim untuk mempromosikan, meningkatkan dan memperkuat Anda.