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Mini-Documentary: Dark Isle of Sark (Video)

Wildlife and astronomy lovers benefit from an initiative to reduce light pollution.


info-pictogram1 Outdoor artificial lighting may be a fact of modern life, but it is costing the environment dearly.

Astronomers estimate that in the UK alone, wasted electricity from street lights emits carbon dioxide equivalent to an extra 160,000 cars on the road each year.

It is not just wasted electricity, artificially lighted night skies disrupt the natural cycles of plants and animals, changing habitats and ecosystems.

Residents on the Isle of Sark in the Channel Islands, however, are turning down artificial lighting as part of a scheme to reduce light pollution and return the island to its natural day-night cycle.

Chu Owen, an amateur astronomer, finds out how wildlife and communities are reaping the benefits of dark skies in the Isle of Sark – declared the world’s first dark sky island.

Nouman Ali Khan: I Believe It When I See It (Video)

info-pictogram1 I believe it when I see it, a powerful and thought provoking reminder from brother Nouman Ali Khan about the people that only believe in what they see.
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info-pictogram1 Toronto activists ask pedestrians to look at images from Syria and describe what they see. They are shocked when they find out what these images actually depict: the horrible suffering and trauma of the Syrian people and the widespread destruction of Syrian cities. These atrocities are carried out by the Assad regime. In 2011, Syrian decided to rise up against a brutal dictator. In 3 years, Bashar Assad has killed over 200,000 Syrians in his attempt to crush the Syrian revolution for freedom. Please share this video and use the hashtag #SaveSyria.

Nouman Ali Khan: Reflecting with Our Hearts (Quran Weekly)


info-pictogram1 Allah gave us three things and if we use these things properly, we have a straight road to Jannah. Those 3 things are: hearing, seeing, and strong hearts.
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Celebrities speak out on Gaza

Celebrities around the world are speaking out about Israel’s horrific actions in Gaza. You can take action too. Click here to tell Barack Obama to stop helping Israel kill innocent civilians: Click here for a Facebook version:


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Acceptance has a magical effect on your life, problems start to disperse when you stop seeing them as the enemy.

gb copy Acceptance has a magical effect on your life, problems start to disperse when you stop seeing them as the enemy.
es copy La aceptación tiene un efecto mágico en su vida, los problemas comienzan a dispersarse cuando deje de verlos como el enemigo.
nl copy Acceptatie heeft een magisch effect op je leven, problemen beginnen te verspreiden wanneer u stopt ze te zien als de vijand.
fr copy Acceptation a un effet magique sur votre vie, les problèmes commencent à se disperser lorsque vous arrêtez de les voir comme l’ennemi.
de copy Die Annahme hat eine magische Wirkung auf Ihr Leben, beginnen Probleme zu zerstreuen, wenn Sie aufhören, als Feind sehen, wie sie.
CN67867 Jiēshòu duì nǐ de shēnghuó chǎnshēng shénqí de xiàoguǒ, wèntí kāishǐ, dāng nǐ zài kàn dào tāmen dàng zuò dírén qūsàn.
Sweden Acceptans har en magisk inverkan på ditt liv, problemen börjar skingra när du slutar se dem som fienden.
rus7897 Prinyatiye imeyet magicheskoye vozdeystviye na vashu zhizn’ , problemy nachinayut raskhodit’sya , kogda vy perestayete videt’ ikh v kachestve vraga.
4523turkey Kabul yaşam üzerinde büyülü bir etkisi vardır, sorunlar düşman olarak görmeye durdurmak ne zaman dağıtmaya başlar.
images L’accettazione ha un effetto magico sulla tua vita, i problemi iniziano a disperdersi quando si smette di vederli come il nemico.
indonesiaID Penerimaan memiliki efek magis pada kehidupan Anda, masalah mulai membubarkan ketika Anda berhenti melihat mereka sebagai musuh.