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Second Amendment right to bear arms within the structures of federal and state laws

By: Shibli Zaman

If you are willing to forfeit your U.S. Constitutional rights in order to make those who discriminate against you feel more at ease, then you deserve their prejudice and you don’t deserve your Constitutional rights.

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Morocco’s Tisdrin Pass Ranks Second Most Winding Road in the World



By: Larbi Arbaoui

Taroudant, Morocco- Morocco is filled with winding roads and very risky passes. Tizi n Tichka, linking the southeast of Marrakesh to the city of Ouarzazat, is the very famous winding road among Moroccans, yet it is not the most dangerous and adventurous one, which offers exciting driving experience and breathtaking views for the passengers.

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Subhana’llah: Outer Space (IMAGES)


info-pictogram1 We are moving through space at the rate of 530km a second. (Fact)




Every second you spend with the wrong person, is a second wasted in the search for true love.

gb copy Every second you spend with the wrong person, is a second wasted in the search for true love.
es copy Cada segundo que pasa con la persona equivocada, es un segundo perdido en la búsqueda del amor verdadero.
nl copy Elke seconde die je besteedt met de verkeerde persoon, is een tweede verspild in de zoektocht naar ware liefde.
fr copy Chaque seconde que vous passez avec la mauvaise personne, est une seconde perdue dans la recherche de l’amour vrai.
de copy Jede Sekunde, die Sie mit der falschen Person zu verbringen, ist ein zweiter bei der Suche nach der wahren Liebe verloren.
CN67867 Nǐ huāle cuò de rén měi yī miǎo, shì dì èr làngfèi zài xúnzhǎo zhēnzhèng de àiqíng.
Sweden Varje sekund du spenderar med fel person, är en andra spillo i sökandet efter äkta kärlek.
rus7897 Kazhdyy vtoroy vy provodite ne s tem chelovekom , yavlyayetsya vtorym vpustuyu v poiskakh istinnoy lyubvi.
4523turkey Eğer yanlış kişi ile harcadığınız her saniye, gerçek aşk için arama boşa bir ikinci.
images Ogni secondo speso con la persona sbagliata, è un secondo sprecato nella ricerca di vero amore.
indonesiaID Setiap detik yang Anda habiskan dengan orang yang salah, adalah kedua terbuang dalam mencari cinta sejati.



Located in the Drakensberg (Dragon’s Mountains) in South Africa, Tugela Falls is the world’s second highest waterfall. The total drop in five free-leaping falls is 3,110 feet! Tugela Falls really reveal their beauty after a heavy rain, glistening from the reflection of the late afternoon sun.



Blue moon does not mean that the moon is blue. It is a term used for the second full moon within a month. This phenomenon occurs once every three years on average. The last blue moon was on August 20-21, 2013.