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When Do I Know When I Am Ready To Get Married?

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Asalamwalikum (Peace Be Upon You). Many people ask themselves or people the question, “When do I know if I am ready to get married?” The question you have to ask yourself is, why are you pursuing marriage? You have friends that have just gotten married and you are caught in the hype? You are genuinely looking to get married? You are fascinated by marriage? There are a lot of reasons why people intend to get married. Your intention has to be right whether you are young or old. A lot of times, especially with young people, they think they are ready for marriage but they are not and it causes a lot heart ache in the long run and it may or may not affect you psychologically for the next person who may have pure intentions for marriage.

1. Concentrate on yourself and correct your intention. Make sure it is what you want and not just because there are summer weddings you’ve attended or because your friends are getting married and you think you are ready too. We attend weddings and we become fascinated by all the things that happen. We see two couples happy, two families happy and everyone is having a great time. We see the happiness in the face of the couple and it is what we desire, until the feeling wears off. We believe we are ready for marriage but a lot of times, our intention is not correct. We simply have the desire to get married because others are. Another reason is because we have several problems in our lives. Whether it has to do with our eman (faith), not praying salah, emotional and psychological problems and getting married won’t a lot of times solve your issues. You are only looking to get married to solve the issues and share your burden. That is not to say, being married you aren’t allow to share the burden with your spouse but this should not the be sole reason why you are pursuing marriage. Your intention has to be right, you want to get married for the correct reasons.

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info-pictogram1 Families fear the worst after flight QZ8501 disappears over the Java Sea en route to Singapore with 162 people on board.

DUA (SUPPLICATION): Inna lillaahi wa inna ilayhi Raaji’oon (To Allah (God) we belong and to Him we shall return)

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A Syrian refugee girl on the way back from one of the rare water places at Quru Gusik Refugee Camp.

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info-pictogram1 Palestinian rescue workers scrambled for cover on Friday when a volley of Israeli missile strikes hit as they searched a collapsed building in Rafah for survivors. Gaza health officials said five people were killed in the strike, raising the death toll there to at least 90, including dozens of civilians.

The Deen Show: UFC Fighter comes to Islam (Video)

info-pictogram1 Meet Christopher who from a sensationally young age was searching for meaning in life but after finding the truth he drifted off. Also we’ll be talking about a UFC fighter who accepted Islam and how to also prevent cancer by letting your beard grow.
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Every second you spend with the wrong person, is a second wasted in the search for true love.

gb copy Every second you spend with the wrong person, is a second wasted in the search for true love.
es copy Cada segundo que pasa con la persona equivocada, es un segundo perdido en la búsqueda del amor verdadero.
nl copy Elke seconde die je besteedt met de verkeerde persoon, is een tweede verspild in de zoektocht naar ware liefde.
fr copy Chaque seconde que vous passez avec la mauvaise personne, est une seconde perdue dans la recherche de l’amour vrai.
de copy Jede Sekunde, die Sie mit der falschen Person zu verbringen, ist ein zweiter bei der Suche nach der wahren Liebe verloren.
CN67867 Nǐ huāle cuò de rén měi yī miǎo, shì dì èr làngfèi zài xúnzhǎo zhēnzhèng de àiqíng.
Sweden Varje sekund du spenderar med fel person, är en andra spillo i sökandet efter äkta kärlek.
rus7897 Kazhdyy vtoroy vy provodite ne s tem chelovekom , yavlyayetsya vtorym vpustuyu v poiskakh istinnoy lyubvi.
4523turkey Eğer yanlış kişi ile harcadığınız her saniye, gerçek aşk için arama boşa bir ikinci.
images Ogni secondo speso con la persona sbagliata, è un secondo sprecato nella ricerca di vero amore.
indonesiaID Setiap detik yang Anda habiskan dengan orang yang salah, adalah kedua terbuang dalam mencari cinta sejati.

Don’t treat negative feedback as “haters gonna hate”. Search for points of improvement and kill the ego.

gb copy Don’t treat negative feedback as “haters gonna hate”. Search for points of improvement and kill the ego.
es copy No trate la retroalimentación negativa como “enemigos que van a odiar”. Búsqueda de puntos de mejora y matar al ego.
nl copy Niet behandelen negatieve feedback als “haters die gaan haten”. Zoeken naar verbeterpunten en dood de ego.
fr copy Ne pas traiter la rétroaction négative comme “haineux allant détester”. Rechercher des points d’amélioration et de tuer l’ego.
de copy Sie negatives Rück behandeln nicht als “Haters Gonna Hate”. Suche nach Verbesserungspunkte und töten die Ego.
CN67867 Bùyào bǎ fùmiàn de fǎnkuì, “chóudí huì tǎoyàn”. Sōusuǒ de gǎijìn diǎn, bìng shā sǐle zìwǒ.
Sweden Behandla inte negativ feedback som “haters gonna hate”. Sök efter punkter förbättring och döda egot.
rus7897 Ne otnosites’ k otritsatel’noy obratnoy svyazi , kak ” nenavistniki voznenavidyat ” . Iskat’ tochek uluchsheniya i ubit’ ego.
4523turkey “kinci kimse nefret yapacağız” olarak negatif geribildirim tedavi etmeyin. Iyileştirme noktaları aramak ve ego öldürmek.
images Non trattare le risposte negative come “nemici gonna hate”. Ricerca di punti di miglioramento e uccidere l’ego.
indonesiaID Jangan memperlakukan umpan balik negatif sebagai “pembenci gonna hate”. Mencari tempat perbaikan dan membunuh ego.