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Inspiration – Episode 11: Saturday Night Live, Mercy To The Worlds (Video)

info-pictogram1 Eleventh Episode Of #InspirationSeries IS HERE!

IBN and Easy Production
“Saturday Night Live – Mercy To The Worlds”

Ft. Omar Suleiman and Mohammed Zeyara

Directed by: Muhammad Bayazid

WATCH and SHARE widely with all of your Muslim and Non Muslim friends and family
Dont forget to share your lessons and reflections using #InspirationSeries

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Nepal landslide victims ‘will never be found’

Authorities say there is “no chance” of finding 159 people believed missing and buried by a landslide in Nepal’s north.


There is no chance of finding more than 150 people who are believed to have been buried by a massive landslide in northern Nepal, an official said on Sunday, as rescuers struggled to dig through piles of rock, mud and trees.

Rescuers have so far recovered only eight bodies since the landslide early Saturday blocked a mountain river, the Sunkoshi, causing the water to form a lake that threatenend to burst and sweep several villages. Fresh rainfall on Sunday hampered search attempts.

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Hamas and Israel agree to 12-hour Gaza truce

Hamas and Israel agree to a temporary humanitarian pause in fighting in besieged Gaza Strip from 05:00 GMT on Saturday.



Israel and Hamas have agreed a 12-hour humanitarian truce to begin at 04:00 GMT on Saturday to pause hostilities in Gaza.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said his movement, together with all armed groups in Gaza, had agreed to the temporary ceasefire which he said was mediated by the United Nations, the Reuters news agency reported.

The announcement came just hours after Israel’s cabinet rejected the terms of a ceasefire championed by the US Secretary of State John Kerry.

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