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What’s Your Goal In Life?

info-pictogram1 Imagine you went to a football game and you saw there is no goal posts on the pitch. Would there be any point in playing a game in which there is no goals? In the same way it is meaningless to live life without a Goal!

For Almighty Allah, the East and the West are the Same!


By: Abdullah Hakim Quick

“For Almighty Allah, the Past, Present and Future are the Same!” We, human beings, have been given Prophets and Messengers and clear guidance. There is no need for the killing, hatred, racism, exploitation, Ebola, or any other evil.We need to wake up as a human race before it is too late. Imagine what the animals think about us (if they could) when they see us destroying the very earth that was given to us as a blessing!!! This is an Islamic Center; not in Cairo, Fez, Kano, Lahore, Jakarta or Dakar but in Washington D.C.!!! SubhaanAllah, the light of Allah will eventually shine over all things!!!

Protesters in #Palestine and #Ferguson shot with the same teargas canisters


Protesters in #Palestine and #Ferguson shot with the same teargas canisters. Just wow. #FreePalestine #JusticeForMikeBrown

If a person commits a crime, it is unjust to paint all those of the same race, nationality or religion with the same brush.

gb copy If a person commits a crime, it is unjust to paint all those of the same race, nationality or religion with the same brush.
es copy Si una persona comete un delito, es injusto para pintar todos los de la misma raza, nacionalidad o religión con la misma brocha.
nl copy Als iemand een misdaad pleegt, is het onrechtvaardig om al die van hetzelfde ras, nationaliteit of godsdienst schilderen met dezelfde borstel.
fr copy Si une personne commet un crime, il est injuste de peindre tous ceux de la même race, la nationalité ou la religion avec la même brosse.
de copy Wenn eine Person ein Verbrechen begeht, ist es ungerecht, alle, die von der gleichen Rasse, der Staatsangehörigkeit oder der Religion mit dem gleichen Pinsel malen.
CN67867 Rúguǒ yīgèrén fànle zuì, zhè shì bù gōngzhèng de huà nàxiē xiāngtóng de zhǒngzú, guójí huò zōngjiào dōu jùyǒu xiāngtóng de shuāzi.
Sweden Om en person begår ett brott, är det orättvist att måla alla de av samma ras, nationalitet eller religion med samma pensel.
rus7897 Yesli chelovek sovershayet prestupleniye , eto nespravedlivo risovat’ vse te zhe rasy, natsional’nosti ili religii pod odnu grebenku.
4523turkey Bir kişi suç işlerse, bu aynı fırça ile aynı ırk, milliyet veya din tüm bu boya haksızlıktır.
images Se una persona commette un reato, è ingiusto dipingere tutti quelli della stessa razza, cittadinanza o religione con lo stesso pennello.
indonesiaID Jika seseorang melakukan kejahatan, tidak adil untuk melukis semua orang dari ras yang sama, kebangsaan atau agama dengan kuas yang sama.

Amazing Fact about The sun and moon (IMAGE)