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Getting Kids to Listen



One of the hardest parts of parenting is getting our kids to listen to us, and then, of course, getting them to do what we ask!

If you remember to use a few important skills this job will be much easier for you. Insha Allah

Think before you speak.

You tell your daughter it’s time to leave, then take twenty more minutes to get yourself ready. You ask your kids to clean up the family room, then allow the mess to remain for the night. You threaten to cancel your child’s trip if he speaks badly to you again. He does, but you don’t. All these scenes create kids who have “selective hearing.” Instead, take a minute to think before you issue a command, be specific, and your words will become more accurate and meaningful.

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By: Dr. Bilal Philips


January is named after Janus, the Roman god of doors and gateways. He was commonly depicted in statues, carvings and paintings as a two headed man with one head facing forward and the other head facing backwards. In 46BC Julius Caesar chose January 1st as the first day of the as Janus symbolically represented the door to the . Wild parties and orgies were held on the night before the ’s Day as a re-enactment of the chaos which Roman mythology depicted as preceding the cosmos or the ordered world whose organization was set by the gods. Furthermore, by that time, Janus had become, in practice, the highest god receiving the ritual sacrifices of Roman worshippers before the other gods, including the chief god, Jupiter.[1]

Thus, in its essence the of the New Year on January 1stand New Year’s Eve, the night before, are a part and parcel of pagan religious rituals based on idolatrous beliefs in false gods. Consequently, it is completely Haraam (sinful and forbidden) for Muslims to participate in or adopt any of its related rituals, customs and symbols.

 If a non-Muslim greets a Muslim, “Happy New Year”, the Muslim is not allowed to respond in a similar manner or say, “Same to you.” Instead, in order not to offend or hurt the feelings of non-Muslim friends or acquaintances, one may say instead, “Happy holiday.”

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As for celebrating the New Year according to the Islamic calendar which begins with the month of Muharram, this is also not permissible from a number of perspectives. First and foremost, if one does so believing that it is pleasing to Allah to do so, thereby transforming it into an act of worship, it becomes a  Bid‘ah or cursed in the religion about which the Prophet (pbuh) said, “Every in religion is misguidance and all misguidance leads to the Hellfire.” If one does so merely as a custom, it is still impermissible as it falls under the prohibition of of pagan customs about which the Prophet (pbuh) said, “Whoever imitates a people becomes one of them.”

[1] Pope Gregory 13th who set the modern calendar, the Gregorian calendar, also officially fixed the first day of the year for ChristianEurope as January 1st in 1582.

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan: Respond on the mockery of the Islam & Prophet Muhammad (Audio)


info-pictogram1 How Muslim should respond on the mockery of the Islam & Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallam).

Ebola Hits Texas – Is America Ready? (Video)

info-pictogram1 Thomas Eric Duncan is the first confirmed Ebola victim in the US. Duncan arrived in the US from Liberia on the 20th of September. The hospital sent him home when he said he felt sick on the 26th. Two days later he was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with Ebola. Between those two days, he was contagious. A team of Federal Ebola experts arrived in Dallas, Texas to help control the situation. The Dallas County Health Department says they’re already closely monitoring a second suspected patient. Over 3,000 people have died from Ebola in West Africa. How well will the US respond to the global epidemic on its home turf?

Israeli airstrikes kill 38 despite Palestinian ceasefire offer



GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — At least 38 Palestinians died on Thursday as Israeli planes bombarded Gaza for the second day in a row after a temporary ceasefire fell apart after weeks of fighting, as the Palestinian negotiations delegation accused Israel of failing to respond to an offer for peace.

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The Trews Comments: Russell Brand – What’s Behind Ferguson Protests? (VIDEO)

info-pictogram1 Russell Brand The Trews Comments Edition (E124).
I respond to comments and questions. Today’s edition focusses on responses to yesterday’s episode about the protests in Ferguson, St Louis, following the shooting of Michael Brown.

In a single tweet, one man beautifully destroys the hypocrisy of Anti-Muslim bigotry


By: Sophie Kleeman


In July 2013, Ryan Carr tweeted what he thought was a “funny joke” and then probably forgot about it.

One year later, Asishpal Singh stepped in.


His comeback, posted on Tuesday, quickly went viral and for good reason: It’s brilliant.

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Nouman Ali Khan: Allah Will Respond To You (Audio)


Confront children with affectionate words that show kindness and mercy. They respond much better to kindness than harshness.

gb copy Confront children with affectionate words that show kindness and mercy. They respond much better to kindness than harshness.
es copy Enfrentar los niños con palabras afectuosas que muestran la bondad y la misericordia. Ellos responden mucho mejor a la bondad de la dureza.
nl copy Confronteren kinderen met aanhankelijk woorden die vriendelijkheid en genade te tonen. Ze reageren veel beter op vriendelijkheid dan hardheid.
fr copy Confronter les enfants avec des mots affectueux qui montrent la bonté et de la miséricorde. Ils répondent beaucoup mieux à la bonté de dureté.
de copy Konfrontieren Kinder mit liebe Worte, die Güte und Barmherzigkeit zu zeigen. Sie reagieren viel besser, als die Güte Härte.
CN67867 Miàn duì yǔ shēnqíng de zìyǎn er, xiǎnshì réncí hé liánmǐn. Tāmen de fǎnyìng yàohǎo de duō ēnqíng bǐ shēngyìng.
Sweden Konfrontera barn med tillgivna ord som visar vänlighet och barmhärtighet. De svarar mycket bättre på vänlighet än hårdhet.
rus7897 Protivostoyat’ detey s laskovymi slovami , kotoryye pokazyvayut dobrotu i miloserdiye . Oni reagiruyut gorazdo luchshe dobroty , chem surovost’yu.
4523turkey Nezaket ve merhamet sevgi sözcükleri ile çocuklar yüzleşin. Bunlar sertlik daha iyilik için çok iyi yanıt verir.
images Affronta i bambini con affettuose parole che mostrano la bontà e la misericordia. Essi rispondono meglio alla gentilezza di durezza.
indonesiaID Hadapi anak dengan kata-kata sayang yang menunjukkan kebaikan dan kemurahan. Mereka merespon jauh lebih baik untuk kebaikan daripada kekerasan.