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If – The door for Shaitan



By: Umm Salih

“Please wait for just five minutes, dinner is almost ready. Do eat before leaving,” requested his aunt.

“No, Jazak Allah Khair! I am already late. I’ll eat at home InshaAllah,” replied the nephew with a smile.

Only an hour had passed after Salim left that she heard her mobile phone ringing.

“Yes, yes…Oh no! Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon!” Nasreen was in total shock; Salim had been hit by a speeding van on the highway and had died on spot.

“If only I could have stopped him for dinner! He was right here in front of me minutes ago…Oh! How I wish!’ she thought with tears in her eyes.

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The Time You Have (Video)

info-pictogram1 Well, why are we here? To amass fame and fortune? To make music and babies? To be the richest man or woman in the graveyard for, as we are jokingly told, ‘He who dies with the most toys wins?’

No, there must be more to life than that, so let’s think about this.To begin with, look around you. Unless you live in a cave, you are surrounded by things we humans have made with our own hands.Now, why did we make those things? The answer, of course, is that we make things to perform some specific function for us.In short, we make things to serve us.So by extension, why did God make us, if not to serve Him?

If we acknowledge our Creator, and that He created humankind to serve Him, the next question is, ‘How? How do we serve Him?’ No doubt, this question is best answered by the One who made us.If He created us to serve Him, then He expects us to function in a particular manner, if we are to achieve our purpose.But how can we know what that manner is? How can we know what God expects from us?

From Jordan to Morocco, the pro-Gaza Rubble Bucket challenge goes viral

ShowImage By: Joanna Paraszczuk


A new trend in support of Gaza is going viral across Arab social media, after a Palestinian journalist filmed himself  dumping a bucket of sand and rubble over his head, in an activity he dubbed the “Remains Bucket” challenge.

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Reports of Israeli massacres against Gazan families surface


By:  Max Blumenthal


As the five-day ceasefire between Israel and Hamas took hold on August 15, residents of Shujaiya returned to the shattered remains of their homes. They pitched tents and erected signs asserting their claim to their property, sorting determinedly through the ruins of their lives.

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The Great Mosque of Cordoba


info-pictogram1 The Great Mosque of Cordoba was originally built in the 750s by the first Umayyad emir of al-Andalus, Abd al-Rahman I. It was enlarged as time went on to serve the growing Muslim community of Spain. In 1236, Christian Castile conquered Cordoba and converted the mosque into a cathedral. It has been used as a cathedral since, but its history as a Muslim place of worship remains evident.

Why Does Israel Keep Changing Its Story On Gaza? (Video)

info-pictogram1 Israel’s continued military offensive in Gaza has many around the world questioning its objectives. Israel has put forth different reasons over time, but the question remains: what is its endgame in Gaza?

Tire yourself out in doing good, for the tiredness goes, but the good remains.

gb copy Tire yourself out in doing good, for the tiredness goes, but the good remains.
es copy Canses de hacer el bien, porque el cansancio se va, pero los buenos restos.
nl copy Vermoeien jezelf uit in het doen van goede, voor de vermoeidheid gaat, maar het goede blijft.
fr copy Vous fatiguer à faire le bien, pour la fatigue va, mais les bons restes.
de copy Reifen Sie sich aus, Gutes zu tun, für die Müdigkeit geht, das Gute bleibt.
CN67867 Lúntāi zìjǐ zài zuò shànshì, wèi píjuàn qù, dàn hǎo de yítǐ.
Sweden Trötta ut dig att göra gott, för tröttheten går, men de goda resterna.
rus7897 Шины себя из, делая добро, ибо усталость идет, но хорошие остатки.
4523turkey Yorgunluk gider için, hayırlarda kendinizi yormayın, ama iyi kalır.
images Stancare se stessi nel fare il bene, per la stanchezza va, ma i buoni resti.
indonesiaID Ban diri dalam berbuat baik, karena kelelahan berjalan, tapi tetap baik.