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Beautifully recited Surat Al-Furqan by a kid (English subtitles) (Video)

Senegal – Dubai Quran Award 2013 (Video)

A Man Comes Across a Well, You Won’t Guess What He Does Next (Video)

info-pictogram1 You won’t guess what this man does after finding this well. We think this video is from Albania, Masha Allah.

Surah 01 Al-Fatiha – Mishary Rashid Alafasy سورة الفاتحة – العفاسي (Video)

info-pictogram1 Visualization and Translation of Surah 001 Al-Fatiha. This calming recitation is by Mishary Rashid Alafasy from Taraweeh in Ramadan 1426H.
سورة الفاتحة مشاري راشد العفاسي
Surah Al-Faatiha is the opening chapter of the Holy Quran. You can read in detail about this Surah from:
You can watch of the entire rukku from where this recitation was taken from at:

The Importance of Islamic Knowledge (Audio)


EMOTIONAL RECITATION By an Ex Guantanamo Prisoner: Mousa Zammuri (Video)


Subtitled Version

info-pictogram1 Brothers name is Mousa Zammuri, from Belgium. The Brother is reciting Surah Ankabut.

Yasiin Bey: Ayatul Kursi (Video)

info-pictogram1 Yasiin Bey reciting Ayatul Kursi during his Sydney show at Enmore Theatre.

How to Protect your Home from the Shayateen (devils)



1) It is important to note that the bricks and mortar of your home do not become “possessed” nor do they become “holy” – the shayateen don’t have anything against your house as an object! They will cause problems to affect you and your children – both psychological and physical

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Download the mp3 Qur’an Recitations of some Famous Qur’an Reciters


In sha’Allah (if Allah wills) you can download the mp3 Qur’an Recitations of some Famous Qur’an Reciters from the links provided below:

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