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A Taste of Reality


By: Soufyan Bouharat

Bismillah (In the name of Allah).

Let’s think and reflect for a moment about life. The true reality of the purpose of our existence. Imagine this: a life without entertainment. For example, no TV, no Music, no Games, no Sport, no Internet. Just imagine that we would do none of these amusement activities. These types of entertainment are not a primary need.

Imagine sitting in your home or walking outside with nothing of these distractions coming up in your mind. What remains? The true purpose of life.

And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.” – Qur’an Chapter 51: sūrat l-dhāriyāt (The Wind that Scatter)

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“We watch so many movies that pictures we see from Gaza are almost the same concept, just a dead body behind a screen”


By: Mohammed Zeyara

People are desensitized to pictures from Gaza’s massacres now.” Wait what? Allow me to say something. Growing up in the west, the only massacres we’ve seen are massacres in movies. We watch so many movies that pictures we see from Gaza are almost the same concept, just a dead body behind a screen. So we didn’t just get desensitized, most of us have always been desensitized. To the people who keep telling me do not share. I know and understand where you’re coming from, and I will try to take your advice. Please understand I’m currently fighting between my emotions and my professionalism. But I grew up across the street from Al-Shifa Hospital. The sirens of the ambulances used to wake us up almost every morning. My friends and I used to always play in Al-Shifa’s garden. And we’ve witnessed all these images in real life. And when you witness these things in real life, it’s a total different story than just a picture. After seeing bodies come through the doors of al-shifa doors, then I would go home to check the news, I saw absolutely nothing. The news always hid the killings in Gaza just like they are hiding many oppressions happening now in Syria, Burma and Pakistan. So I got angry, and I still am. I promised to show the world what the eyes of Gaza see everyday. Because when you see the pictures online, there is a whole story behind the picture, not just a dead body. There was love, happiness, compassion, dreams, goals that were killed when the soul left that body. Do not just look at how horrible the picture looks, the concept is far more greater than that.

I hope you understand.

One Night In Bethlehem: Rocks, Tear Gas, Bullets, And Paramedics (Video)

info-pictogram1 Paramedics responding to Palestine vs Israel clashes in the West Bank town of Bethlehem are caught between duty and violence. AJ+ follows Palestinian Red Crescent paramedic Shareif Al-Badan one night in late July 2014 as the protests against the Israel Gaza conflict reach a breaking point.

Love your parents. We are so busy growing up. We often forget they are also growing old.

gb copy Love your parents. We are so busy growing up. We often forget they are also growing old.
es copy Amad a vuestros padres. Estamos tan ocupados mientras crecía. A menudo olvidamos que también están envejeciendo.
nl copy Hou van je ouders. We zijn zo druk opgroeien. We vergeten vaak zijn ze ook ouder worden.
fr copy Aimez vos parents. Nous sommes tellement occupés grandir. Nous oublions souvent, ils sont également de plus en plus vieux.
de copy Liebe deinen Eltern. Wir sind so beschäftigt, erwachsen zu werden. Wir vergessen oft, sind sie auch alt werden.
CN67867 Ài nǐ de fùmǔ. Wǒmen shì rúcǐ mángyú zhǎngdà. Wǒmen chángcháng wàngjì, tāmen yě jiànjiàn lǎo qù.
Sweden Älska dina föräldrar. Vi är så upptagna med att växa upp. Vi glömmer ofta att de också åldras.
rus7897 Lyubite svoikh roditeley. My tak zanyaty ros . My chasto zabyvayem, oni takzhe stareyet.
4523turkey Aileni seviyorum. Biz büyürken çok meşgul. Biz genellikle de eski büyüyor unutma.
images Amate i vostri genitori. Siamo così occupati crescita. Spesso dimentichiamo che sono in crescita anche vecchio.
indonesiaID Mencintai orang tua Anda. Kami sangat sibuk tumbuh dewasa. Kita sering lupa mereka juga bertambah tua.

Hate is a sickness of the mind, wash the infection clean with understanding & let love be your daily preventive medicine.

gb copy Hate is a sickness of the mind, wash the infection clean with understanding & let love be your daily preventive medicine.
es copy El odio es una enfermedad de la mente, se lava la infección limpia con la comprensión y el amor sea tu medicina preventiva diaria.
nl copy Haat is een ziekte van de geest, was de infectie schoon met begrip en laat liefde je dagelijkse preventieve geneeskunde.
fr copy La haine est une maladie de l’esprit, laver l’infection propre à la compréhension et que l’amour soit votre médecine préventive quotidienne.
de copy Hass ist eine Krankheit des Geistes, die Infektion zu waschen sauber mit Verständnis und Liebe lassen Ihre tägliche vorbeugende Medizin.
CN67867 Hèn de shì xīnlíng de jíbìng, xǐ gānjìng de gǎnrǎn yǔ lǐjiě hé ràng ài chéngwéi nǐ de rìcháng yùfáng yīxué.
Sweden Hat är en sjukdom i sinnet, tvätta infektionen ren med förståelse och låt kärleken vara din dagliga förebyggande medicin.
rus7897 Nenavist’ eto bolezn’ uma , vymyt’ infektsiyu chistym s ponimaniyem i pust’ lyubov’ budet vashey povsednevnoy profilakticheskoy meditsiny.
4523turkey Nefret aklın bir hastalık olduğunu, anlayış ile temiz enfeksiyon yıkayın ve sevgi günlük koruyucu hekimlik olalım.
images L’odio è una malattia della mente, lavare l’infezione pulita con la comprensione e lasciare che l’amore sia la tua medicina preventiva quotidiana.
indonesiaID Kebencian adalah penyakit pikiran, mencuci infeksi bersih dengan pemahaman & biarkan cinta menjadi obat pencegahan harian Anda.