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Conflict in Syria: What Would It Look Like In The US? (Video)

info-pictogram1 The numbers are so big when it comes to how many people have died — or been displaced — by the conflict in Syria that it’s hard to wrap you head around them. To put it into perspective, AJ+ explains what it would be like if the war was happening in the United States.

US: Muslims sue government over being put on terrorist watchlist



A group of five Muslim American men included on the watchlist of suspected terrorists maintained by the United States government filed a federal complaint on Thursday this week contesting their placement.

The federal government has unjustly and disproportionately targeted American Muslims by routinely adding their names to the Terrorist Screening Database without affording them their rights to due process,”Lena Masri, a staff attorney for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), said in a statement announcing the legal action. ”The lawsuit will challenge the government’s broad and unchecked power to secretly label individuals as ‘known or suspected terrorists’ without concrete facts, but based on only a vague standard of ‘reasonable suspicion.’”

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It’s the amount of love that you put into each day that counts, for it’s love that makes everything meaningful & worthwhile.

gb copy It’s the amount of love that you put into each day that counts, for it’s love that makes everything meaningful & worthwhile.
es copy Es la cantidad de amor que se pone en cada día lo que cuenta, porque el amor lo que hace que todo sea significativa y que vale la pena.
nl copy Het is de hoeveelheid liefde die je in elke dag die telt, want het is de liefde die alles zinvol en de moeite waard maakt.
fr copy C’est la quantité d’amour que vous mettez dans chaque jour qui compte, car c’est l’amour qui rend tout significatif et utile.
de copy Es ist die Menge an Liebe, die Sie in jeden Tag, der zählt, für seine Liebe, die alles sinnvoll und lohnend macht setzen.
CN67867 Zhè shì ài de, nǐ bǎ měi yī tiāncái shì zuì zhòngyào de, yīnwèi tā shì ài ràng yīqiè yǒuyìyì hé yǒu jiàzhí de jīn’é.
Sweden Det är hur mycket kärlek som du lägger in i varje dag som räknas, för det är kärlek som gör allt meningsfullt och givande.
rus7897 Eto kolichestvo lyubvi , chto vy polozhili v kazhdyy den’ , kotoryy schitayet , potomu chto eto lyubov’, kotoraya delayet vse znachimyye i stoit.
4523turkey Ini jumlah cinta yang Anda masukkan ke dalam setiap hari yang penting, karena itu adalah cinta yang membuat segalanya berarti & berharga.
images E ‘la quantità di amore che mettete in ogni giorno che conta, perché è l’amore che rende tutto significativo e utile.