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The Legend and the Legacy of a Prophet


By: Zaynub Zafar

“And ( Allah Subhanahu-wa-Taala ) did take (Abraham) as a Khaleel (an intimate friend)” [an-Nisa’ 4:125]

All of us are leaving footsteps behind, our traces in this world. And when we die, we will be remembered and judged according to those traces. They can be good or bad. That will be the we leave behind.

Needless to say, this legacy should be powerful…inspiring! But what should it be? What can we do to outdo other common legacies? How about delving into one of the most brilliant legacies ever left behind? The legacy of Ibrahim alayhis salam. Because:

“Indeed there has been an excellent example for you in Abraham and those with him” [al Mumtahanh 60:4]

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A pure heart leads to good intentions. Good intentions lead to positive actions.

gb copy A pure heart leads to good intentions. Good intentions lead to positive actions.
es copy Un corazón puro conduce a las buenas intenciones. Las buenas intenciones conducen a acciones positivas.
nl copy Een zuiver hart leidt tot goede bedoelingen. Goede bedoelingen leiden tot positieve acties.
fr copy Un cœur pur conduit à de bonnes intentions. Les bonnes intentions conduisent à des actions positives.
de copy Ein reines Herz führt zu guten Absichten. Gute Absichten führen zu positiven Maßnahmen.
CN67867 Yīgè chúncuì de xīnzàng dǎozhì de hǎoyì. Hǎoxīn dài lái jījí de xíngdòng.
Sweden Ett rent hjärta leder till goda avsikter. Goda intentioner leda till positiva åtgärder.
rus7897 Chistoye serdtse privodit k blagikh namereniy. Blagiye namereniya vedut k pozitivnym deystviyam.
4523turkey Saf bir kalp iyi niyetlerle yol açar. İyi niyetler olumlu eylemlere yol.
images Un cuore puro conduce a buone intenzioni. Le buone intenzioni portano ad azioni positive.
indonesiaID Sebuah hati yang murni mengarah ke niat baik. Niat baik mengarah pada tindakan positif.