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Coca-Cola’s investment in Gaza



By: Yvonne Ridley

Coca-Cola is building a factory in Gaza, but before you applaud such an investment in an area where the economy is shattered and unemployment ranks among the highest in the world, let’s examine the deal more closely. Who will actually benefit from this? It’s a rhetorical question really, because the Palestinians living there will be the long-term losers while the neighbouring State of Israel will count the shekels rolling in.

The first of the materials to build the factory came via Israel with a convoy of 10 trucks carrying assembly line machines through the Yitzhak Rabin border terminal; from there the lorries were processed by the Israeli military into Gaza through the Kerem Shalom border crossing last week. This, in itself, is amazing, since only 130,000 tons of construction materials have been allowed into Gaza since the latest Israeli blitz; five million tons are needed to try to rebuild the factories bombed to destruction by Israel in its last two wars against the civilians of Gaza.

Thousands of families are still without homes in the depths of a Gaza winter and some of the dead are still buried under the tons of rubble where tower blocks stood before the Israeli military destroyed them. Despite international promises of humanitarian aid and a massive rebuilding programme nothing of any substance has happened because of the ongoing siege of the territory led by Israel and Egypt.

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Ramadan is slipping away. There is no tomorrow…


By: Omar Suleiman

When we are vulnerable or weak, we tend to make a lot of promises to Allah. How many times do you here “Oh Allah if you give me this, then I’ll start praying”, or “I’ll stop selling haram”, or “I’ll stop committing this sin”, etc. The implication of that form of supplication Is that Allah hasn’t already given you enough of a reason for repentance.

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Those who make promises, leave others with false hope, for this reason, you must always offer to do your best instead.

gb copy Those who make promises, leave others with false hope, for this reason, you must always offer to do your best instead.
es copy Los que hacen promesas, dejan a los demás con falsas esperanzas, por esta razón, siempre debe ofrecerse a hacer su mejor en su lugar.
nl copy Degenen die beloftes maken, laat anderen met valse hoop, om deze reden, moet je altijd aanbieden om je best te doen in plaats.
fr copy Ceux qui font des promesses, laisse les autres avec de faux espoirs, pour cette raison, vous devez toujours offrir de faire de votre mieux à la place.
de copy Diejenigen, die Versprechungen zu machen, lassen Sie andere mit falschen Hoffnung, aus diesem Grund müssen Sie immer anbieten, Ihre besten stattdessen tun.
CN67867 Zhèxiē shuí zuò chū chéngnuò, ràng biérén yòng xūjiǎ de xīwàng, yīnwèi zhège yuányīn, nǐ bìxū shǐzhōng tígōng zuò nǐ zuì hǎo de tìdài.
Sweden De som gör löften, lämnar andra med falska förhoppningar, av denna anledning, måste du alltid erbjuda att göra ditt bästa istället.
rus7897 Te, kto dayut obeshchaniya , ostavit’ drugiye s lozhnoy nadezhdy , po etoy prichine , vy vsegda dolzhny predlagat’ sdelat’ vse vozmozhnoye, vmesto etogo.
4523turkey Vaatlerde yapanlar, bu nedenle, her zaman yerine en iyi yapmak için sunmalı, sahte umutla başkalarına bırakın.
images Coloro che fanno promesse, lasciare gli altri con false speranze, per questo motivo, è necessario offrire sempre di fare del tuo meglio, invece.
indonesiaID Mereka yang membuat janji-janji, meninggalkan orang lain dengan harapan palsu, untuk alasan ini, Anda harus selalu menawarkan untuk melakukan yang terbaik Anda sebagai gantinya.