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How I’m Trying to Raise 8 Intelligent, God-Conscious Children: Interview with Sharifah Mastura Al Jifri



I’d met the eldest daughter at law school: a hafidhah who was fluent in English, Arabic and Malay, a bright student who’d studied 3 different syllabuses and was a remarkably disciplined girl for her age. When she told me all her other 7 siblings were or are becoming huffaadh and were being educated and brought up like she was too, I couldn’t wait to meet their wonder mom.

When I first met their amazing mother Sharifah Mastura Al Jifri – a petite, serene Singaporean woman; and the rest of her beautiful children at their house; I knew I’d never seen an entire productive family like this one in my life, mashaAllah.

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Tips to avoid missing Fajr (dawn) prayer



By: Abu Productive

How do you wake up for fajr? And I don’t mean wake up for a day or two, but how do you keep waking up for fajr, constantly, everyday, without fail.

There’s loads & loads of websites online giving you tips and advice on how to wake up early. But our focus is not on worldly tips (which should be taken by all means, part of tying the camel;, our focus is on the spiritual means.

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Good habits and inward purity


By: Nur Fadhilah Wahid

Are you having a hard time sticking to your new year resolutions? Perhaps you’ve been frustrated and disappointed over and over again seeing your grand plans of change fall apart?

Don’t worry, I’ve been there. We’ve all been there.

Let’s try again. This time, with the proper understanding and knowledge of habit-making.

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Dhikr For the ‘Mum on the Run’



By: Maria Karim

Wake up, Fajr salah. Get the kids up, breakfast, uniforms, school bags. Check. Rush to school. Back home, do the dishes, vacuum the living room, prepare lunch and dinner, Dhuhr salah. Check. 3:30pm, pick up the kids, fix a snack, finish making dinner, ‘Asr salah. Help with homework, teach Qur’an, Maghrib salah. Dinner. Get the kids to bed. Isha salah.

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Hajj for Kids – 10 Activities to Learn about Hajj


By: Hafsa Taher


It’s that time of the year. Muslims across the globe are preparing to leave for Hajj. Some of us will not be performing the rituals of Hajj in Makkah this year. However, it is still important to utilise the valuable 10 days of Dhul Hijjah productively and inspire our kids to understand its significance as well.

So how do we keep the spirit of Hajj alive for our children during these precious days and make it a productive learning period for them? Here are 10 Hajj crafts for your children. Feel free to improvise (each child is unique!) and don’t forget to leave a comment to let me know which ones you tried/liked/enjoyed!

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Use Your Pencil to Read the Qur’an with Reflection


By: Enas Khaled Aliyuddin


Are you constantly seeking a better relationship with the Qur’an but feel frustrated with the huge tafsir books and your tight schedule? You’re not alone.

Well, let’s start this off with a confession. I have always found it hard to keep a daily wird of reciting Qur’an (the part of the Qur’an one reads or assigns to him/herself daily). Sometimes I would get my spirits up and commit, but that would last for a couple of weeks only. I used to come up with a whole lot of excuses: You’re a medical student. You have exams. You’ve had a long day today. Tomorrow is a long day, you need to go to sleep.

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Are You Doing Good Deeds with Great Rewards?

Beach Of Paradise Wide Desktop Background

By: Hiba Ali


When we think about our day-to-day actions, chances are they reside in separate compartments in our mind. This may not necessarily be the outcome of any conscious effort, but simply the result of how we habitually tend to perceive the act.
I help with chores to do my part around the house.
I eat because I am hungry.
I take a nap because I am bored.
I study because I need good grades.

But what if you could make all of those actions a source of reward insha’Allah?

How!? By our intention.

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Managing Your Disorganized Computer Desktop


Not only are you slowing your computer down, but you are also slowing yourself down and hurting your productivity, because more clutter = less focus = less productivity.

Now, I know there are moments when you are “in the zone” and simply don’t want to disrupt your workflow by saving files properly. But if your desktop is always cluttered, it’s not a reflection of your creative state, but rather a reflection of your indecisive, lazy self (yes, yes I’m being harsh, but I’m only trying to help.) So let’s clean up the clutter, shall we?

First, let’s look at the root cause of having a cluttered desktop: Why do you have a cluttered desktop?

I guess your answer would be twofold:

1. Laziness: “I can’t be bothered to spend a few minutes and save the file in the right folder.”

2. Fear: “What if I can’t find the file again!”

So, here’s how you can solve the above two:

1. Laziness: Develop a habit/routine where you do NOT save a single file on the desktop, no matter how busy you are. You’ll always save the file in a specific folder.

2. Fear: You need to trust the “Search” functions of your computer and develop a clear naming/filing convention that’s logical to you.

The above are preventive measures to stop you from getting yourself to a cluttered desktop. But what if you already have a cluttered desktop?

Well, then here’s what you need to do:

1. Dump ALL your desktop files into one folder called “Archive”, which you have under your username account.

2. Create the logical naming/filing convention you’ll follow from now on.

3. Every weekend, spend a few hours moving files from your Archive folder to the right folder.

4. Stick to the habit of NEVER saving a single file on your desktop.

If the above steps seem difficult, try using any of these desktop declutter tools here:

If you are seeking to organize other physical spaces like your work desk or wardrobe, you may want to revisit this article.