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Gaza to get floating power station from Turkey


By: Evrim Ergin, Seda Sezer and Jonny Hog


REUTERS – Turkish shipbuilder Karadeniz Holding plans to send an electricity generating vessel to Gaza to provide urgently needed power in the enclave left reeling by Israel’s Operation Protective Edge that began last month.

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Gaza’s sole power plant shut down by shelling (Video)

Hundreds of attacks send toll soaring, while Gaza’s only power station shuts down after being hit.


info-pictogram1 Gaza City – At least 100 Gazans have been killed in Israeli bombardment on Tuesday, Gaza officials have said, hours after shells hit the enclave’s only power station.

A thick column of black smoke was seen rising from the power station on Tuesday, mingling with other plumes sent into the air by Israeli shelling.

Gaza officials said the death toll from the invasion had now reached 1,178, with at least 100 killed since midnight on Tuesday. More than 6,800 Gazans had been injured. The AFP news agency reported that one air raid alone in northern Gaza had killed 10 people on Tuesday.

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Earth’s Picky Atmosphere


Earth’s atmosphere might seem picky at times. From the energy that Earth gets from the Sun, we reject 34% of it back into the space. This happens because clouds, ice, and snow simply reflect the light. This reflective quality is called “albedo.”

Environmentally Friendly Energy


Solar energy does not produce waste or pollute the atmosphere, so it is ecologically acceptable. If implemented on a global scale, the use of this energy source can improve the environmental quality damaged by the use of fossil fuels. It is time to think about our descendants and leave the planet in a good shape for them to use.

Reliable Energy


Solar energy is a good option when deciding about the energy sources to use because of its reliability. The Sun provides us with light on an everyday basis, all year round. That is the very energy that sustains our lives as well as keeping the Earth’s natural processes going.

The Future of Energy


It is estimated that by 2025, utility-scale solar power will become cost-competitive with natural gas. The potential of using this energy source is great because it is nearly inexhaustible. Granted, the Sun will wear out in about 4.5 billion years, but, hopefully, until then a new power source will be invented.

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