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For most people, purchasing a home is the largest financial transaction that they’ll ever make. The purchase decision is without a doubt, one that must be made with careful thought and attention to detail. A potential homebuyer has many things to consider when purchasing a home. A Muslim homebuyer has the added concern of finding Sharia -Compliant financing. With the help of our Guidance Residential Account Executives, who have decades of experience working in the home-finance and residential real estate industries, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten mistakes homebuyers tend to make.

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Australian Muslim women fear for their safety

By:  Zeinab Zein


There has been a recent hash out of an old debate about whether Australia should ban Muslim women from observing Islamic practices of face veiling. The burqa, a head-to-toe whole body covering, has elicited calls for an outright ban in public places.

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Subhana’llah: Actias Luna Moth (IMAGES)


info-pictogram1 The luna moth, a member of the Saturniidae family, is one of the largest moths in North America, with a wingspan of up to 4.5 inches. The pale green wings have a purple margin alone the front edges, with four eyespots on the wings that serve to confuse potential predators.

Mohammed Faris: Productive Ramadan Tips (Video Playlist)

info-pictogram1 Mohammed Faris, founder of (aka Abu Productive), shares with you daily tips to help you become productive during Ramadan. In this episode you’ll learn about:

Sustaining energy throughout Ramadan with the power of “Intentionality”. This is not about simply stating intentions but being “Intentional” about how you’ll spend your Energy, Focus, and Time to maximize your Ramadan potential.

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Unlimited is your potential if you connect to the spark of God within, you can create beauty, just as God did.

gb copy Unlimited is your potential if you connect to the spark of God within, you can create beauty, just as God did.
es copy Ilimitado es su potencial si se conecta a la chispa de Dios dentro, puede crear belleza, tal como lo hizo Dios.
nl copy Ongelimiteerd is uw potentiële wanneer u verbinding maakt met de vonk van God in, je kunt schoonheid te creëren, net zoals God deed.
fr copy Illimité est votre potentiel si vous vous connectez à l’étincelle de Dieu en vous, vous pouvez créer de la beauté, comme Dieu s’est reposé.
de copy Unbegrenzt ist Ihr Potenzial, wenn Sie den Funken Gottes in, können Sie verbinden Schönheit zu schaffen, so wie Gott getan hat.
CN67867 Wúxiàn shì nǐ de qiánlì, rúguǒ nín liánjiē dào shén zhī nèi, nǐ kěyǐ chuàngzào měilì de huǒhuā, jiù xiàng shén yīyàng.
Sweden Obegränsad är din potential om du ansluter till gnista av Gud inom, du kan skapa skönhet, precis som Gud gjorde.
rus7897 Неограниченное ваш потенциал, если вы подключаетесь к искры Бога в, вы можете создать красоту, как и Бог.
4523turkey Eğer güzellik oluşturabilir, içinde Tanrı’nın kıvılcımı bağlanmanız durumunda sınırsız Tanrı olduğu gibi, potansiyel olduğunu.
images Illimitato è il vostro potenziale se si collega alla scintilla di Dio dentro, è possibile creare bellezza, proprio come fece Dio.
indonesiaID Tak terbatas potensi Anda jika Anda terhubung ke percikan Tuhan di dalam, Anda bisa membuat kecantikan, sama seperti Tuhan lakukan.