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FACTS: Why is the eating of ‪pork‬ forbidden in ‪Islam‬?



Source: The Deen Show TV

The fact that consumption of pork is prohibited in Islam is well known. The following points explain various aspects of this prohibition:

1. Pork prohibited in Qur’an

The Qur’an prohibits the consumption of pork in no less than 4 different places. It is prohibited in 2:173, 5:3, 6:145 and 16:115.

“Forbidden to you (for food) are: dead meat, blood, the flesh of swine, and that on which hath been invoked the name of other than Allah.”

Al-Qur’an 5:3

The above verses of the Holy Qur’an are sufficient to satisfy a Muslim as to why pork is forbidden.

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Why pork is not only haram but downright dangerous



By: Michael Ravensthorpe

It is a well-known fact that several religious texts forbid the eating of pork. According to Leviticus, the third book of Judaism’s Torah and Christianity’s Old Testament, pork is an “unclean” meat since pigs do not “chew the cud.” Meanwhile, the eating of pork is condemned no less than four times in the Qur’an of Islam. While no direct reason is given for this condemnation, many Muslims believe that it is because pigs are disease-ridden animals.

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Sniffing pork: French start-up introduces instantaneous halal-testing device



A French start-up is hoping to take a slice of the multi-billion Halal food market with a device allowing diners to find out within minutes whether a dish contains pork.

Capital Biotech has received orders from as far afield as Turkey, Chile and Indonesia for its “Halal Test” which tests within 10 minutes whether a food contains pork meat, forbidden for Muslims and Jews.

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More Japanese universities to serve halal food


More Japanese universities would soon provide halal food on their campuses to cater for the growing number of Muslim students, the Japanese embassy announced on Wednesday.
The Ministry of Higher Education, Culture, Sports Sciences and Technology of Japan introduced the Global 30 program in 2009 to attract 300,000 foreign students over five years.

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Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 9_00_27 AM


My patient was an English gentleman in his early 80s who suffered from Alzheimer’s. In the first meeting, the patient was given his record and from it I could see that he was a convert to the religion of Islam, therefore he was a Muslim.

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Khmer Rouge faces genocide charges

The Khmer Rouge tribunal is set to hear genocide charges for targeting ethnic Vietnamese and Cham Muslims.



Kompong Cham, Cambodia – On a dark October night in 1975, Sos Min crept along the roads of Svay Khleang village clutching a drum. Min’s task would almost certainly end in his death, but weeks of planning and a growing sense of despair had strengthened his resolve.

For months, the Khmer Rouge had placed increasing pressure on this historic Cham Muslim village. The regime’s cadres shut down mosques, ordered an end to praying and forced villagers to eat pork. Women were made to discard their hijabs and cut their hair, imams and religious teachers were abducted in the dead of night – their screams ringing out across the village.

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I used to love Pork & Bacon but now I’m a Muslim who loves Islam (Video)

info-pictogram1 Meet Keenan Penson an incredible young man who found peace, happiness, and more love in Islam than he ever had in life before.
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You are what you eat, Halal (Permissible) Meat (Video)

info-pictogram1 The following Chapter of the Quran was the last one ever revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (S)…

“Forbidden to you [for food] are: already dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine and meat which has been slaughtered as a sacrifice for others than Allah, or has been slaughtered for idols, or on which Allah’s Name has not been mentioned while slaughtering, and that which has been killed by strangling, or by a fatal blow, or by a headlong fall, or by the goring of horns, and that which has been [partly] eaten by a wild animal – unless you are able to slaughter it [before its death] and that which is sacrificed on Stone Altars (of false gods). [Forbidden] also is to use arrows seeking luck or decision, [all] of which is disobedience to Allah and a sin. This day, those who disbelieved have given up all hope of your Religion, so fear them not, but fear Me. 

This day, I have perfected your Religion for you, completed My Favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your Religion. But as for him who is forced by severe hunger, with no inclination to sin [such can eat these above-mentioned meats], then surely, Allah is Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful.” (Surah Mai’dah 5;3)

When the Jews heard of this Verse they came to Umar (R) and found him crying copiously and they exclaimed to him, “If such a Verse was revealed to one of our Prophets, we would surely have marked this event as a Day of Celebration! Yet, why is at that we see you crying?” To which Umar (R) replied, “I cry because Allah has completed our Religion [Islam] for us to its peak of perfection, and the Revelation has now permanently ceased. From now on, it can only deteriorate after this day.”
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