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Indian plane dives 1,500m as pilot ‘sleeps’

Civil aviation suspends two pilots after mid-air dive over Turkey as pilot “slept” and co-pilot used computer tablet.



India’s civil aviation regulator has ordered Jet Airways to suspend two pilots after a flight to Brussels dived 1,500 metres, forcing air traffic controllers to issue an emergency warning.

The Times of India said the captain was on a scheduled rest break when the plane dropped over Turkey, putting it at an altitude assigned to another aircraft last Friday.

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The first ever female veiled Pilot


info-pictogram1 The first ever female veiled Pilot–Shahnaz Laghari who made it to be a Guinness Book of World Records holder… #WomenAreNotOppressed!!

Did you know one of the first black pilots in history was a Muslim?


info-pictogram1 Did you know that one of the first black Air Force pilots in history was a Muslim? Ahmet Ali Çelikten was an Ottoman pilot in WWI of African descent who rose to the rank of captain during the war.

Lost Islamic History