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Native Americans stand with Gaza



The parallels to the plight of the Palestinian people and Native Americans have been drawn by many. Speaking in San Francisco, Tony Gonzales of the American Indian Movement (AIM), ”with a common legacy of bantustans (homelands) – Indian reservations and encircled Palestinian territories – Native Americans understand well the situation of Palestinians.”

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Lost Islamic History Book (Available now)


Islam has been one of the most powerful religious, social, and political forces in history. Over the last 1400 years, from origins in Arabia, a succession of Muslim polities and later empires expanded to control territories and peoples that ultimately stretched from southern France, to East Africa to South East Asia.

Yet many of the contributions of Muslim thinkers, scientists, and theologians, not to mention rulers, statesmen and soldiers, have been occluded. This book rescues from oblivion and neglect some of these personalities and institutions while offering the reader a new narrative of this lost Islamic history. The Umayyads, Abbasids, and Ottomans feature in the story, as do Muslim Spain, the savannah kingdoms of West Africa and the Mughal Empire, along with the later European colonisation of Muslim lands and the development of modern nation-states in the Muslim world. Throughout, the impact of Islamic belief on scientific advancement, social structures, and cultural development is given due prominence, and the text is complemented by portraits of key personalities, inventions and little known historical nuggets. The history of Islam and of the world’s Muslims brings together diverse peoples, geographies, and states, all interwoven into one narrative that begins with Muhammad and continues to this day.

Alkhateeb-3D-WebFiras Alkhateeb is an American researcher, writer and historian who specialises in the Islamic world. He completed his BA in history from the University of Illinois, Chicago, in 2010 and has since been teaching Islamic history at Universal School in Bridgeview, Illinois. He founded and writes the website Lost Islamic History.

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More problems begin when you start talking about other peoples problems. Stay quiet and don’t focus too much on other people’s lives.

gb copy More problems begin when you start talking about other peoples problems. Stay quiet and don’t focus too much on other people’s lives.
es copy Más problemas comienzan cuando se empieza a hablar de otros problemas de la gente. Permanezca tranquilo y no se centran demasiado en la vida de otras personas.
nl copy Meer problemen beginnen wanneer je begint te praten over andere volkeren problemen. Blijf rustig en niet te veel richten op het leven van andere mensen.
fr copy Plus les problèmes commencent lorsque vous commencez à parler d’autres problèmes des peuples. Restez calme et ne se concentrent pas trop sur la vie d’autres personnes.
de copy Weitere Probleme beginnen, wenn Sie sprechen über andere Völker Probleme beginnen. Bleiben Sie ruhig und nicht zu sehr auf das Leben anderer Menschen.
CN67867 Gèng duō de wèntí, dāng nǐ kāishǐ tánlùn qítā rén de wèntí kāishǐ. Bǎochí ānjìng, bùyào guòfèn guānzhù biérén de shēnghuó.
Sweden Fler problem börjar när du börjar prata om andras problem. Håll tyst och inte fokusera för mycket på andra människors liv.
rus7897 Yeshche Problemy nachinayutsya, kogda vy nachinayete govorit’ o drugikh problemakh narodov . Bud’te tikho i ne slishkom bol’shoy aktsent na zhizni drugikh lyudey.
4523turkey Diğer halklar sorunlar hakkında konuşmaya başladığınızda daha fazla sorunlar başlar. Sessiz kalmak ve diğer insanların yaşamları üzerinde çok fazla odaklanmak değil.
images Altri problemi iniziano quando si comincia a parlare di altri problemi della gente. Stare tranquillo e non concentrarsi troppo sulla vita di altre persone.
indonesiaID Lebih banyak masalah dimulai ketika Anda mulai berbicara tentang masalah orang lain. Tetap tenang dan tidak terlalu berfokus pada kehidupan orang lain.