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3 Steps to be the Best Child to your Parent!

By: Zohra Sarwari
Bismillahhe Rahmanee Raheem – Often when I give a speech for the Muslim Youth, at the end of it I am asked “How can I change and be the best child to my parent?”
SubhanAllaah, this shows me that if we were to teach our children the importance of parenthood, then they would actually reflect on the subject and possibly change their behaviors for the better.  Glory be to Allaah for all of His favors.  The problem that many of us have is that we do not teach our children how to be the best child.
InshAllaah today I will be teaching just that.  I am writing this article for all of the youth out there who want to know in 3 simple steps how to be the best child inshAllaah.   If you are one of those youth, then I would like to begin by saying mashAllaah I am proud of you first for reading this article.  That tells me a lot about you as a person.  If you have the courage to admit that you could be a better child, and you want to learn more skills that alone says a lot about your character.  However, to fully benefit from this article you need to actually put the information from this article into action- inshAllaah.
Before we get started I want to ask you one question.  Will you commit to me that you will use these 3 steps as often as you can until it eventually becomes habit?  Please say YES.  InshAllaah you said yes, and our journey begins.
Let’s start with Bismillah:
Step 1.  Always say “At your Service Umme or Abi (Mom or Dad)”:
What does this mean.  Well when you’re called upon to do something without a second thought say “At your service Umme or Abi.  That means I am ready to do as you wish.  With those words coming out of your mouth, your actions inshAllaah will be sincere as they take into effect next.   You see sometimes the words coming out of our mouth helps us put our actions to ease as they take effect into the next few minutes.  Believe me just saying this will make you smile and be ready to serve your parents.
 Action Step:  Practice saying “At your service Umme/Abi.  Say this 20 times to yourself, until you feel comfortable saying it inshAllaah.
It should be natural and easy to come out of your mouth.   Everytime you say these words to your parents and actually do what they ask you to do inshAllaah Allaah will bless you more, and you will feel happier.  When our parents are happy with us, Allaah subhana wa Tala is happy with us, when our parents are angry with us Allaah subhana wa Tala is angry with us.

The Prophet (Sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) said:“The pleasure of Allaah is from the pleasure of the parents, and the anger of Allah is from the anger of the parents.”

So let’s not make our parents angry and instead earn their pleasure, for when we do good to them, we make our Lord happy.  SubhanAllaah what a beautiful religion Islam is, Allaah subhana wa Tala only wants the best from each of us.   By taking the action step as I proposed you’re on your way to success inshAllaah.

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Palestinian children look out from their family’s house, which was badly damaged (IMAGE)

Schermafbeelding 2014-08-31 om 14.58.21

Tel Aviv’s Islamic States crusader game plan is straight out of the Middle Ages

An image uploaded on June 14, 2014 on the jihadist website Welayat Salahuddin allegedly shows militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) driving on a street at unknown location (AFP Photo)

By: Tony Gosling


When England’s famous crusader, Richard the ‘Lionheart’, returned home in 1194 to a hero’s welcome, few of the cheering English folk had a clue about the rivers of blood he and his friends had been spilling in the name of Jesus across the holy land.

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Ebola epidemic ‘out of control’ says charity (Video)


Global medical charity Doctors Without Borders has given warning that the Ebola crisis in West Africa is “unprecedented, absolutely out of control”, as states across the world took steps to prevent its spread.

Bart Janssens, the charity’s director of operations, warned there was no overarching vision of how to tackle the outbreak, in an interview with Belgium’s  La Libre Belgiquenewspaper.

“This epidemic … can only get worse, because it is still spreading, above all in Liberia and Sierra Leone, in some very important hotspots,” Janssens said.

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Celebrities speak out on Gaza

Celebrities around the world are speaking out about Israel’s horrific actions in Gaza. You can take action too. Click here to tell Barack Obama to stop helping Israel kill innocent civilians: Click here for a Facebook version:


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Beaten Palestinian-American teen, mother speak out on Israeli police (Video)

info-pictogram1 Fifteen-year-old American citizen Tareq Abu Khieder said he was beaten and detained by Israeli border police in an interview Sunday with his sister and mother, Suha Abu Khieder, in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Shuafat.

Watch: Palestinian TV shows alleged beating of Mohammed Abu Khdeir’s cousin (SHOCKING)

Act out of wisdom, stop reacting out of anger & haste, for that just brings needless conflict.

gb copy Act out of wisdom, stop reacting out of anger & haste, for that just brings needless conflict.
es copy Ley de la sabiduría, dejar de reaccionar con ira y la prisa, por eso sólo trae conflicto innecesario.
nl copy Handelen vanuit wijsheid, stoppen reageren uit woede en haast, want dat brengt alleen maar onnodige conflicten.
fr copy Loi sur la sagesse, cesser de réagir par la colère et la hâte, pour qui apporte juste conflit inutile.
de copy Handeln aus der Weisheit, zu stoppen Reaktion aus Wut und Eile, denn das bringt nur unnötige Konflikte.
CN67867 Biǎoyǎn chūlái de zhìhuì, tíngzhǐ fǎnyìng chū lí fènnù hé jísù de, yīnwèi zhè zhǐshì dài lái liǎo bù bìyào de chōngtú.
Sweden Agera av visdom, sluta reagera av ilska & brådska, för det bara kommer med onödiga konflikter.
rus7897 Akt iz mudrosti , prekratit’ reagirovat’ iz gneva i speshki , dlya chego nuzhno prosto prichinyayet nenuzhnyye konflikty.
4523turkey Bu sadece gereksiz çatışmayı getiriyor, öfke ve acele üzerinden reaksiyona durdurmak, bilgeliğin dışında hareket.
images Atto di saggezza, smettere di reagire di rabbia e fretta, per questo solo porta il conflitto inutile.
indonesiaID Bertindak keluar dari kebijaksanaan, berhenti bereaksi karena marah & terburu-buru, untuk itu hanya membawa konflik yang tidak perlu.

Be with those who bring out the best in you, not the stress in you.

gb copy Be with those who bring out the best in you, not the stress in you.
es copy Estar con los que sacar lo mejor de ti, no el estrés en usted.
nl copy Wees met hen die uit te brengen het beste in u, niet de stress in je.
fr copy Soyez de ceux qui font ressortir le meilleur en vous, pas le stress en vous.
de copy Sei mit denen, die sich den Stress in Sie bringen das Beste in dir, nicht.
CN67867 Yǔ nàxiē shuí dài chū nǐ zuì hǎo de, ér bùshì qiángdiào nǐ.
Sweden Vara med dem som tar fram det bästa hos dig, inte stressen i dig.
rus7897 Bud’te s temi, kto vyyavit’ luchsheye v vas , a ne napryazheniye v vas.
4523turkey Size, sizi strese iyi değil dışarı getirenleri ile olun.
images Essere con coloro che tirare fuori il meglio di te, non lo stress in te.
indonesiaID Jadilah dengan orang-orang yang membawa keluar yang terbaik dalam diri Anda, tidak stres dalam diri Anda.

Open your eyes and you will make it out alive.

gb copy Open your eyes and you will make it out alive.
es copy Abre los ojos y te hacer salir con vida.
nl copy Open je ogen en je zult het er levend maken.
fr copy Ouvrez vos yeux et vous en sortir vivant.
de copy Öffnen Sie Ihre Augen und Sie machen es lebendig.
CN67867 Dǎkāi nǐ de yǎnjīng, nǐ huì huózhe chūlái.
Sweden Öppna dina ögon och du kommer att göra det ut levande.
rus7897 Otkroyte glaza i vy budete delat’ yego zhivym.
4523turkey Gözlerinizi açın ve dışarı hayatta yapacaktır.
images Aprite gli occhi e si farà uscire vivo.
indonesiaID Buka mata Anda dan Anda akan bisa keluar hidup-hidup.