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Clinical Depression or Jinn Possession? (Video)

info-pictogram1 It is time to overhaul the blinding with science of godless Psychiatry and the binding with black magic of devil-inspired Faith healing charlatans. Learn to trust in Allah and not in the devils and their human counterparts. Find comfort in Islam and thank Allah that He has left for us completely unaltered, His Speech; the Quran, as a healing and mercy to those who need His Protection in these darkest of days we live in. Dignify yourself as a servant of Allah, for He is closer to you than your jugular vein; keep that in mind when Satan’s evil whispers try to overcome you. Take care, keep your head on and never accept temporary insanity as an excuse.

Warning: This video contains graphic scenes of horror, black magic and self-injury which some viewers may find upsetting. Sensible viewer discretion is advised as a precaution.
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Your nationality, wealth, position, race or religion does not give you the right to abuse others or treat them like dirt.

gb copy Your nationality, wealth, position, race or religion does not give you the right to abuse others or treat them like dirt.
es copy Su nacionalidad, la riqueza, la posición, la raza o la religión no le da el derecho de abusar de otros, o los tratan como basura.
nl copy Uw nationaliteit, rijkdom, positie, ras of religie geeft je niet het recht om anderen te misbruiken of te behandelen als oud vuil.
fr copy Votre nationalité, la richesse, la position, la race ou la religion ne vous donne pas le droit d’abuser d’autres ou de les traiter comme de la merde.
de copy Ihre Nationalität, Reichtum, Stellung, Rasse oder Religion gibt Ihnen nicht das Recht, andere zu missbrauchen oder behandeln sie wie Dreck.
CN67867 Nǐ de guójí, cáifù, dìwèi, zhǒngzú huò zōngjiào bù gěi nǐ rǔmà tārén huò duìdài tāmen rú fèntǔ de quánlì.
Sweden Din nationalitet, rikedom, ställning, ras eller religion ger dig inte rätt att missbruka andra eller behandla dem som skit.
rus7897 Vash natsional’nosti, imushchestvennogo i dolzhnostnogo polozheniya , rasy ili religii ne dayet vam prava plokho obrashchat’sya s drugim ili otnosit’sya k nim kak k gryazi.
4523turkey Milliyet, servet, mevki, ırk veya din sana diğerlerini istismar veya kir gibi onları tedavi etmek hakkını vermez.
images La tua nazionalità, la ricchezza, la posizione, la razza o la religione non ti dà il diritto di offendere gli altri o li trattano come spazzatura.
indonesiaID Anda kebangsaan, kekayaan, jabatan, ras atau agama tidak memberikan hak untuk penyalahgunaan orang lain atau memperlakukan mereka seperti kotoran.