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Everybody’s record is being maintained during his life period


It is a very accurate record. The day of judgement is the day of justice. No body will be wronged. His limbs will be his witness. He will see his record and his video film will be shown to him. Everyone will be rewarded or punished according to his deeds. The Quran in Surah Isra says: Everyman’s fate we have fastened on his own neck. On the Day of Judgment we shall bring out for him a scroll, which he will see spread open. Read your record sufficient is your soul this day to make out an account against you” (17:13-14)

More than 120 Islamic scholars from around the world wrote an open letter to the leader of ISIS

Full letter link:

By: Mohammed Zeyara

More than 120 Islamic scholars from around the world wrote an open letter to the leader of ISIS Al-Baghdadi, denouncing ISIS and its fundamentals. Everyone should at least go through these points to understand how ISIS’s ideology is far away from the teachings of the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Quick summary of the 17 page letter:

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Bilal Philips: Open QA session with non-Muslims (Video)

info-pictogram1 Building bridges between Hindus, Christians, and Muslims. A short introduction to Islam followed by open question and answer session.
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Sheikh Abu Hamzah: Friday Night Lecture – Law & Order (Video)

info-pictogram1 A important video for all Muslims, whether you are Married or Single the information in this Video is Vital! It will help you in regards to getting married and help & open your eyes, mind and heart for those already married.

Israeli delegation open to easing Gaza blockade


Part of the Palestinian negotiating team pictured in Cairo


BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A nine-hour session of indirect negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli delegations in Cairo on Monday ended with a partial draft agreement on easing the blockade on Gaza, sources close to the talks told Ma’an.

Negotiations for a lasting end to hostilities in the Gaza Strip are to resume at noon on Tuesday, the sources said.

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Israeli warships open fire at fishermen near Rafah



GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli warships on Tuesday opened fire at fishermen off the coast of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, in an apparent violation of an agreed-upon three-day ceasefire, a union official said.

Nizar Ayyash, spokesman for Gaza’s fishermen union, told Ma’an that a number of Palestinian fishermen were near the shore when Israeli forces shot at them with machine guns.

No injuries were reported.

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6 Amazing Facts about the Human Body!


By: Jade Small


The human body is hard at work while we go about our daily lives – We may not notice or feel anything special, but every second, day and night, our bodies are using power and healing!

Here are 6 awesome facts about the human body!

 1. You use 100% of your brain

The myth that humans use only 10 percent of their brains has been repeated so often, but studies suggest that during any given day, fully 100 percent of the brain’s area is active! Your brain generates as much energy as a small light bulb even when you’re sleeping.

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The key to apathy is movement, you must move through your pain, so as to open the door to happiness & freedom.

gb copy The key to apathy is movement, you must move through your pain, so as to open the door to happiness & freedom.
es copy La clave para la apatía es el movimiento, debe moverse a través de su dolor, a fin de abrir la puerta a la felicidad y la libertad.
nl copy De sleutel tot apathie is beweging, je moet bewegen door je pijn, om zo de deur naar geluk en vrijheid te openen.
fr copy La clé de l’apathie est mouvement, vous devez vous déplacer dans votre douleur, de manière à ouvrir la porte au bonheur et la liberté.
de copy Der Schlüssel zur Apathie ist Bewegung, müssen Sie durch Ihre Schmerzen zu bewegen, um so die Tür zum Glück & Freiheit zu öffnen.
CN67867 Guānjiàn lěngmò zàiyú yùndòng, nǐ bìxū yídòng nǐ de tòngkǔ, zhèyàng cáinéng dǎkāi xìngfú zhī mén hé zìyóu.
Sweden Nyckeln till apati är rörelse, måste du gå igenom din smärta, för att öppna dörren till lycka och frihet.
rus7897 Klyuch k apatii yest’ dvizheniye, vy dolzhny dvigat’sya cherez vashu bol’ , chtoby otkryt’ dver’ v schast’ye i svobodu.
4523turkey Ilgisizliğe anahtarı mutluluk ve özgürlük için kapıyı açmak amacıyla, sizin ağrı ile hareket etmelidir, hareketidir.
images La chiave per apatia è movimento, è necessario spostare attraverso il dolore, in modo da aprire la porta alla felicità e libertà.
indonesiaID Kunci untuk apatis gerakan, Anda harus bergerak melalui rasa sakit Anda, sehingga membuka pintu untuk kebahagiaan & kebebasan.

You do not have to suffer alone, God is just a thought away, a moment of silence will open the door for God to come through.

gb copy You do not have to suffer alone, God is just a thought away, a moment of silence will open the door for God to come through.
es copy Usted no tiene que sufrir solo, Dios es sólo un pensamiento de distancia, un momento de silencio se abrirá la puerta para que Dios venga a través.
nl copy Je hoeft niet alleen te lijden, God is slechts een gedachte weg, zal een moment van stilte de deur te openen voor God om door te komen.
fr copy Vous n’avez pas à souffrir seul, Dieu est juste une idée de là, une minute de silence sera d’ouvrir la porte à Dieu de venir à travers.
de copy Sie müssen nicht allein zu leiden, Gott ist nur ein Gedanke entfernt, wird ein Moment der Stille, die Tür zu öffnen für Gott, durch zu kommen.
CN67867 Nǐ bùbì dúzì shòukǔ, shàngdì jǐnjǐn shì yīgè xiǎngfǎle, chénmòle piànkè, jiāng dǎkāi dàmén shén cáinéng tōngguò.
Sweden Du behöver inte lida ensam, Gud är bara en tanke bort, kommer ett ögonblick av tystnad öppna dörren för Gud att komma igenom.
rus7897 Vy ne dolzhny stradat’ v odinochestve, Bog prosto mysli proch’, minuta molchaniya budet otkryt’ dver’ , chtoby Bog priyti do kontsa.
4523turkey Tanrı yoluyla gelmek için yalnız katlanmak zorunda değilsiniz, Tanrı sadece bir düşünce uzaklıkta, sessizlik bir an kapıyı açacak.
images Non dovete soffrire da soli, Dio è solo un pensiero lontano, un momento di silenzio aprirà la porta per Dio a venire attraverso.
indonesiaID Anda tidak Harus Menderita saja, Allah adalah hanya pikiran pergi, mengheningkan cipta Akan membuka pintu bagi Allah untuk datang melalui.