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The brothers from Bidda Town (PHOTO)



“The brothers from Bidda Town, Niger State, Nigeria, sent me a photo which was taken of me wearing the traditional hat of the region, given to me by the Amir, Etsu Nupe. Please don’t laugh too hard.” – Dr. Bilal Philips

Islam in Africa?


Don’t be surprised about Islam in Africa; Some of the greatest scholars of Islamic History lived in Africa; There are more Arabic speaking people on the African continent than in the Middle East! May Almighty Allah bring peace and stability back to Nigeria and protect the Muslims in this vibrant land. For those who are unaware, look at the size of the Abuja National Mosque in Abuja, Nigeria!!!

By Abdullah Hakim Quick



The Abuja National Mosque, also known as the Nigerian National Mosque, is the national mosqueof Nigeria, a country with a substantial Muslim population. The mosque was built in 1984 and is open to the non-Muslim public, except during congregational prayers. Ustaz Musa Mohammed is the chief imam.