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By: Alex Goldman

This week’s shooting at the DC Navy Yard was the latest in a long string of breaking news reporting to get many of the essential facts wrong.

In fact, the rampant misreporting that follows shootings like this is so predictable that OTM has unintentionally developed a formula for covering them. We look at how all the bad information came out. We suggest ways that the news media could better report breaking news. This time, we’re doing something different.

This is our Breaking News Consumer’s Handbook.  Rather than counting on news outlets to get it right, we’re looking at the other end. Below are some tips for how, in the wake of a big, tragic story, you can sort good information from bad. We’ve even made a handy, printable PDF that you can tape to your wall the next time you encounter a big news event.

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The attack on Islam has always followed a predictable pattern


FIRST attack the Prophet (saw) and try to discredit him. When that fails they attack the Sahaba (ra) as they were the carriers of the Sunnah and many a hadith can be traced to them and the Mothers of the Believers (ra). When that fails they attack the ulema (from back in the day until modern times) because they are the ones that help us understand the sunnah.
Once you know this and start reading Islamic history you will see the many different and creative ways we were attacked. Nowadays the pattern of attack is the same but instead they know have 24hr “news” media to do it. However, don’t fret as Allah swt has promised to protect His (swt) deen and Quran and Sunnah. Alhumdulilah.