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The status of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh)



By: Rasit Küçük

The life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is full of countless examples that show his status as a role model for Muslim societies and individuals. His life is one that was dominated by a superior morality, good habits, noble and gentle feelings and superior skills, all of which are characteristics that help prevent people from getting entangled in a web of sin. The rich and the prosperous, the poor and the needy, the ruler and the ruled, the weak and the lonely, the conqueror and the victorious commander, the teacher and the student, the preacher and the mentor, the merchant and the craftsman, the employer and the employee – in other words, every sort of person can find truths in Prophet Muhammad’s life that constitute an example for them to follow.

Prophet Muhammad’s status as a role model is an issue based on the Holy Quran and the sunnah. Islamic scholars, as with many other issues, have examined the status of the Prophet as a role model and leader not in a sectional framework, but from a unified perspective, and they have reached the conclusion that the best method is to examine the verses of the Holy Quran that determine and demonstrate the status of the Prophet as a whole. For this reason, when discussing the status of the Prophet as a role model, issues such as believing in the Prophet, obedience to the Prophet, following the Prophet, and disagreeing with the Prophet also come to the fore.

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Algeria will donate their World Cup prize money to the poor in Gaza



Algeria forward Islam Slimani has revealed that he and his team-mates are donating their money to people in Gaza.

The north African side won the hearts and minds of many with their heroic effort in pushing Germany to extra-time in their round of 16 World Cup clash.

And now their display of generosity to the poor and needy in Gaza has further endeared the watching world.

Slimani, who plays for Sporting Lisbon, said: “They need it more than us.

In stark contrast, Algeria’s fellow African World Cup participants Cameroon had well-documented divisions in their camp over the issue of prize money.

Algeria returned home to heroes’ welcome on Wednesday.




Bad habits are formed when you are needy, you must learn good habits to replace them, so as to move forwards.

gb copy Bad habits are formed when you are needy, you must learn good habits to replace them, so as to move forwards.
es copy Los malos hábitos se forman cuando se está necesitado, usted debe aprender buenos hábitos para reemplazarlos, a fin de seguir adelante.
nl copy Slechte gewoonten worden gevormd wanneer je behoeftig bent, moet je leren goede gewoontes om ze te vervangen, om zo vooruit te gaan.
fr copy Les mauvaises habitudes sont formées lorsque vous êtes dans le besoin, vous devez apprendre de bonnes habitudes pour les remplacer, afin d’aller de l’avant.
de copy Schlechte Gewohnheiten gebildet werden, wenn Sie bedürftig sind, müssen Sie gute Gewohnheiten zu lernen, sie zu ersetzen, um vorwärts zu bewegen.
CN67867 Huài xíguàn xíngchéng, dāng nǐ yǒu xūyào, nǐ bìxū xuéhuì liánghǎo de shēnghuó xíguàn, yǐ qǔdài tāmen, zhèyàng cáinéng xiàng qián yídòng.
Sweden Dåliga vanor bildas när man är behövande, måste du lära dig goda vanor för att byta ut dem, för att gå vidare.
rus7897 Vrednyye privychki formiruyutsya , kogda vy nuzhdayushchimsya , vy dolzhny nauchit’sya khoroshiye privychki , chtoby zamenit’ ikh , takim obrazom, chtoby dvigat’sya vpered.
4523turkey Kötü alışkanlıkları muhtaç olduğunda, sen ileriye taşımak amacıyla, bunların yerine iyi alışkanlıklar öğrenmek gerekir oluşur.
images Le cattive abitudini si formano quando si è bisognosi, è necessario imparare le buone abitudini per sostituirli, in modo da andare avanti.
indonesiaID Kebiasaan buruk terbentuk ketika Anda membutuhkan, Anda harus belajar kebiasaan baik untuk menggantikan mereka, sehingga untuk bergerak maju.