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The Significance of Emotions in Islam

By: Tarek Younis


Emotion: an often-neglected, yet significant component of our psychological configuration

Our psychological configuration consists of several components, all of which are interrelated:

  1. The spiritual component, as we say the fitrah, which naturally predisposes us with an inclination towards God and good.
  2. The cognitive component, which assumes all types of mental processes we can have.
  3. The emotional component, which covers the range of emotions we experience, such as anger, sadness, fear, shame, and guilt.

The purpose of this article is to focus exclusively on the emotional component, as it is oft-neglected amongst Muslims; indeed our community habitually focuses on our spiritual and cognitive components instead. This imbalance is significant for two reasons:

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Patience is your friend, your dream will not materialise if you force it, you must let it evolve naturally.

gb copy Patience is your friend, your dream will not materialise if you force it, you must let it evolve naturally.
es copy La paciencia es su amigo, su sueño no se materializará si lo fuerzas, hay que dejar que evolucione de forma natural.
nl copy Geduld is je vriend, je droom zal niet materialiseren als je forceren, moet je laat het op natuurlijke wijze evolueren.
fr copy La patience est votre ami, votre rêve ne se réalisera pas si vous forcez, vous devez laisser évoluer naturellement.
de copy Geduld ist dein Freund, dein Traum wird nicht eintreten, wenn Sie es zu zwingen, müssen Sie lassen Sie es natürlich entwickeln.
CN67867 Nàixīn shì nǐ de péngyǒu, nǐ de mèngxiǎng huì bù huì shíxiàn, rúguǒ nǐ qiǎngpò tā, nǐ bìxū ràng tā zìrán fāzhǎn.
Sweden Tålamod är din vän, din dröm kommer inte att förverkligas om du tvinga det, måste du låta det utvecklas naturligt.
rus7897 Terpeniye vash drug, vasha mechta ne osushchestvitsya , yesli vy zastavit’ yego, vy dolzhny pozvolit’ yey razvivat’sya yestestvennym obrazom.
4523turkey Sabır rüya eğer bunu zorlarsanız, onu doğal gelişmeye izin vermelisiniz hayata olmaz, senin arkadaşın.
images La pazienza è il tuo amico, il tuo sogno non si materializzerà se si forza, è necessario lasciare evolvere naturalmente.
indonesiaID Kesabaran adalah teman Anda, impian Anda tidak akan terwujud jika Anda memaksa, Anda harus membiarkannya berkembang secara alami.



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