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The Most Gruesome Moments in the CIA ‘Torture Report’

The CIA’s rendition, interrogation, and detention programs were even more nightmarish than you could imagine.



By: Shane Harris

Interrogations that lasted for days on end. Detainees forced to stand on broken legs, or go 180 hours in a row without sleep. A prison so cold, one suspect essentially froze to death. The Senate Intelligence Committee is finally releasing its review of the CIA’s detention and interrogation programs. And it is brutal.

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Why People Leave Each Other?


By: Yasmin Mogahed


When I was 17 years old, I had a dream. I dreamt that I was sitting inside a masjid and a little girl walked up to ask me a question. She asked me: “Why do people have to leave each other?” The question was a personal one, but it seemed clear to me why the question was chosen for me.

I was one to get attached.

Ever since I was a child, this temperament was clear. While other children in preschool could easily recover once their parents left, I could not. My tears, once set in motion, did not stop easily. As I grew up, I learned to become attached to everything around me. From the time I was in first grade, I needed a best friend. As I got older, any fall-out with a friend shattered me. I couldn’t let go of anything.

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Why can’t we remember being babies?


By: Laurie L. Dove

You gaze at the cheerful crowd gathered around you, take a curious look at the chocolate cake set before you and then, just as the everyone starts singing “Happy Birthday,” you do what comes naturally: smash the cake with both hands.

This scenario would be weird, except for the fact that you’re sitting in a highchair. Which would be even weirder, except that you’re turning 1.

Chances are you don’t remember your first or second birthday party — or a host of other events that occurred in early childhood — and you’re not alone. It’s normal to forget your earliest life experiences, despite their crucial and influential nature.

Most adults can’t recall life’s earliest moments unless the events are reinforced by others who often retell them, or the memories are triggered by photographs or other cues.

It’s a phenomenon scientists call childhood amnesia. While you may have been able to recall and describe your second birthday party in great detail for months after it happened, a year later those memories may have faded and, eventually, are lost altogether.

Researchers point to a high turnover rate of childhood memories as one possible culprit, believing that a raft of new experiences simply means some early memories are forced to fall by the wayside.

Up until age 3, children in one study could recall significant events that happened to them within the last year. The high rate of recall continued until age 7, with the study’s participants remembering up to 72 percent of the same events they’d recalled as 3-year-olds. By age 8 or 9, however, most could recollect only 35 percent of the life experiences they’d so vividly described at 3 .

The change, concluded researchers, comes from the way memories are formed as children age. Beginning at 7, children store increasingly linear memories that fit succinctly into a sense of time and space. The very act of remembering events and categorizing them within this personal timeline may cause retrieval induced forgetting, a process that causes older children and adults to prune life’s earliest memories as they recall specific details about other events .

25 of The Cutest Parenting Moments In The Animal Kingdom


The animal kingdom harbors many parenting secrets. Compared with humans, animals have both unique and similar ways of parenting their offspring. For instance, elephants rely on young females to act as babysitters for their young calves–sound familiar?

Not everything animal parents do is identical to human parents. For instance, the Panda bear commonly gives birth to two babies but she only raises one. Before you go thinking Panda moms are callous and cruel, it’s not that at all. Instead, out in the rough and tough wild mothering one baby requires all of the resources a Panda has to offer. Her decision boils down to one healthy baby or two weak babies.

Not everything is bleak out in the wild, in fact few things are. It appears animals enjoy raising their young just as much as us furless humans! Check out these photos of the cutest parenting moments in the animal kingdom to see just how much fun animal families have living life on the wild side.

This Polar Bear cuddles her baby close, her thick claws and foreboding paws keeping a tight grip on her sweet little cub. 



David Lazar shot this stunning image of two lionesses living in the Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya. The two adoringly gaze at their baby sibling, with pride often reserved to parents. 

article-0-151B6E14000005DC-537_964x633 tigerparents2


How cute are they?!?!



This mama helps her baby to stay afloat as they go for a swim in the waters they call home.



How about a nap now? 



Baby squirrels are so small and hairless you can hardly tell what they are–but this mama knows her baby when she sees him.



What is under this mommy’s colorful wings–2 sleepy chicks!



This is one strong possum carting around 6 babies on her back, while simultaneously scaling a fence–you go mom! 



“Wait up Ma!” This Fox hollers, clinging tight to his mommy’s bushy fox tail.



Elephants are the only other species (besides us humans) that visits the graves of their deceased loved ones. You can only imagine how much love elephants have for their offspring. This adorable pair link trunks as they travel onward.



How Bear-y cute are these two?!



Parents always know best–this loving mother swan tucks her babies under her wings where they will stay warm and dry while traveling across the pond.



Crocodiles are not often considered “cute” but despite their scaly skin and forbidding sharp teeth, turns out they are family-orienated! Udayan Rao Pawar, was voted Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2013 after he snapped the photo below of a croc family. He camped out on the banks of the Chambal River in India in order to see 2 gharial crocodile colonies. While the animal sightings at the Chambal River are incredible, the area is threatened by illegal sand-mining and fishing.



Play Time! This big mama finds her baby cub’s ticklish spots!



Penguins use a buddy system to help watch over their young, adults take turns forming groups around baby penguins in order to keep them safe and warm.



No butts about it, these two are definitely related.



As mom and dad share a passionate embrace, the little one begs for some attention around here. 



Peek-a-Boo–Did someone say FISH?!?!  These two grizzly bears play in deep water, baby isn’t afraid, she knows she has her mom there to protect her. 



“But I’m already clean!”



Papa bear teaches his cub some things



Has anyone seen my baby chick? 



While mama hunts for some food, baby decides now is a nice time to take a nap. 



When you become a parent (human or animal) you realize that the one thing greater than enjoying a good meal is feeding a good meal to your children.



You might think this bird has one too many legs, but think again….



Photo Credits: Anton BelovodchenkoDailymailUKJan PelcmanChuck Babbitthqwide, Ric SeetJeanette DiAndaIgor Shpilenok, Laurie Rubin, Tin Man,  DailyMail, Udayan Rao PawarDaniel MungerFrederuque Olivier/John Downer ProductionsUKDailyMailWolfgang von VietinghoffMarco MattiussiMichael NicholsEdwin Kats, Jim Ridley,  ImgurAndre PretoriusMichael Milicia

30 Photos Of Children Playing Around The World


No matter their cultural background, no matter their economic situation, kids will always find imaginative ways to have fun. Their wild imaginations and magical childhood moments, when captured on camera by talented photographers, can make for truly wonderful photos. These 33 images we collected will prove that childhood can be wonderful no matter where you go.

Many in the Western world fear that technology is making today’s children lose touch with nature and with their own creativity, and while there are arguments to be made for the intellectual stimulation that apps and programs for children can bring, there’s also something to be said for simply playing with a stick in the mud or chasing dandelion seeds though an open meadow.

For better or worse, the children in these photos seem entirely content making their own fun. For us adults, it’s important not to let our world-weary and jaded experience stifle our childish hopefulness and imagination!


children-around-the-world-29 children-around-the-world-20 children-around-the-world-16

Image credits: Gede Lila KantianaI Gede Lila KantianaIpoenk Graphic


children-around-the-world-17 children-around-the-world-8

Image credits: Elena ShumilovaСветлана Квашина



Image credits: Òscar Tardío



Image credits: Chan Kwok Hung



Image credits: Damon Lynch


children-around-the-world-15 chidren-playing-around-the-world-55 children-around-the-world-60

Image credits: Mukund ImagesSudharsan RavikumarSandee Pachetan



Image Credits: HT KëñShï



Image credits: Terry White



Image credits: Elika Hunt


children-around-the-world-1 children-around-the-world-3 children-around-the-world-18

Image credits: Sarawut Intarob


children-around-the-world-60 (1) children-around-the-world-55

Image credits: tinosoriano.comMuhammed Muheisen



Image credits: Enrique Castro-Mendivil



Image credits: Csilla Zelko



Image credits: Michael Potyomin



Image credits: Jake Olson


chidren-playing-around-the-world-50 children-around-the-world-53 children-around-the-world-6 children-around-the-world-5

Image Credits: Mio CadeHendrik PriyantoJames KhooRio Rinaldi Rachmatullah



Image credits: John Van Den Hende



Image credits: Elena Simona Craciun



Image credits: Elena Shumilova

The Most Anti-Immigrant Moments In US History (Video)

info-pictogram1 In the latest chapter of American immigration, protesters are demanding the deportation of tens of thousands of unaccompanied children from Central America. And as cold as it might sound to deport an 8-year-old, the U.S. is no rookie when it comes to being hostile to newcomers. Here are just some of the most anti-immigrant moments in U.S. history.

Animals amazing moments compilation (Video)

I shall stay calm in moments of stress & anxiety, so as to allow positive thoughts & actions to manifest from me.

gb copy I shall stay calm in moments of stress & anxiety, so as to allow positive thoughts & actions to manifest from me.
es copy Voy a mantener la calma en momentos de estrés y ansiedad, con el fin de permitir que los pensamientos y las acciones positivas que se manifiesten de mí.
nl copy Ik zal kalm blijven in momenten van stress en angst, zodat de positieve gedachten en acties te manifesteren van mij.
fr copy Je vais rester calme dans les moments de stress et d’anxiété, de manière à permettre des pensées et des actions positives de manifester de moi.
de copy Ich werde in Momenten der Angst & Stress ruhig zu bleiben, um zu ermöglichen, positive Gedanken und Handlungen, von mir zu manifestieren.
CN67867 Wǒ huì bǎochí lěngjìng de yālì hé jiāolǜ de shíkè, zhèyàng cáinéng ràng jījí de sīxiǎng hé xíngdòng, cóng wǒ lái tǐxiàn.
Sweden Jag ska vara lugn i stunder av stress och ångest, så att positiva tankar och handlingar att manifestera från mig.
rus7897 YA budu sokhranyat’ spokoystviye v momenty stressa i trevogi , s tem chtoby pozvolit’ pozitivnyye mysli i deystviya , chtoby proyavit’ ot menya.
4523turkey Pozitif düşünceler ve eylemler benden tezahür izin verecek kadar ben, stres ve anksiyete anlarında sakin kalmak zorundadır.
images Io mantenere la calma nei momenti di stress e ansia, in modo da consentire i pensieri e le azioni positive di manifestare da me.
indonesiaID Saya akan tetap tenang di saat-saat stres & kecemasan, sehingga memungkinkan pikiran & tindakan positif untuk mewujudkan dariku.

Managing Your Disorganized Computer Desktop


Not only are you slowing your computer down, but you are also slowing yourself down and hurting your productivity, because more clutter = less focus = less productivity.

Now, I know there are moments when you are “in the zone” and simply don’t want to disrupt your workflow by saving files properly. But if your desktop is always cluttered, it’s not a reflection of your creative state, but rather a reflection of your indecisive, lazy self (yes, yes I’m being harsh, but I’m only trying to help.) So let’s clean up the clutter, shall we?

First, let’s look at the root cause of having a cluttered desktop: Why do you have a cluttered desktop?

I guess your answer would be twofold:

1. Laziness: “I can’t be bothered to spend a few minutes and save the file in the right folder.”

2. Fear: “What if I can’t find the file again!”

So, here’s how you can solve the above two:

1. Laziness: Develop a habit/routine where you do NOT save a single file on the desktop, no matter how busy you are. You’ll always save the file in a specific folder.

2. Fear: You need to trust the “Search” functions of your computer and develop a clear naming/filing convention that’s logical to you.

The above are preventive measures to stop you from getting yourself to a cluttered desktop. But what if you already have a cluttered desktop?

Well, then here’s what you need to do:

1. Dump ALL your desktop files into one folder called “Archive”, which you have under your username account.

2. Create the logical naming/filing convention you’ll follow from now on.

3. Every weekend, spend a few hours moving files from your Archive folder to the right folder.

4. Stick to the habit of NEVER saving a single file on your desktop.

If the above steps seem difficult, try using any of these desktop declutter tools here:

If you are seeking to organize other physical spaces like your work desk or wardrobe, you may want to revisit this article.