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Islamic Cure for Anxiety and Fear



When we are scared of something, our heart starts to beat fast, our voice starts to mumble, our hands start to tremble, our stomach starts to roar, our feet become numb, we start to see evil, hear evil and speak evil. In short all we are preoccupied is with the thing which makes us scared. Not only are we least bothered about the happenings in the surroundings but also uncertain about our behavior when engulfed in such a situation. We find ourselves so helpless and miserable that we start to find solace in crying, sleeping and staying quiet. Like me and you, everyone gets scared.

For instance:

  • The person who gets a call for a job interview is scared for his interview.
  • A cancer patient who goes for chemotherapy every month is scared of injections.
  • An actor who gives his debut in an ad is scared of negative views and reviews.
  • A person who has left studies is scared of people who ask about studies.
  • A mother whose daughter’s engagement is quashed is scared of her increasing age.
  • A daughter whose mother suffers from bipolar disorder is scared of humiliating her in public.
  • A student who has social phobia is scared of taking lectures, going out in bazaars, attending weddings and ordering meal in a café.
  • A boy whose elder sister helps him with his homework is scared of getting scolded from her.
  • A first timer army cadet is scared of his seniors giving him tough time.
  • An old maid who is becoming weak and less active is scared of losing her job.
  • A wife whose husband is sent to hard area with his platoon is scared of the instability and terrorism of the region.
  • A Politician who gets life threats is scared of his and his family’s safety.

Being scared is not only normal but now quite mainstream. To keep oneself cool and free of anxiety one should recite the following Dua from the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet:

“Abdullah ibn Mas’ud (R) narrates that Prophet Muhammad (S) said: No person suffers any anxiety or grief, and says: (O Allah, I am Your slave, son of Your slave, son of Your female slave, my forelock is in Your hand, Your command over me is forever executed and Your decree over me is just. I ask You by every Name belonging to You which You named Yourself with, or revealed in Your Book, or You taught to any of Your creation, or You have preserved in the knowledge of the unseen with You, that You make the Quran the life of my heart and the light of my breast, and a departure for my sorrow and a release for my anxiety) – but Allah will take away his sorrow and grief, and give him joy instead”.

اللَّهُمَّ إِنِّى عَبْدُكَ وَابْنُ عَبْدِكَ وَابْنُ أَمَتِكَ نَاصِيَتِى بِيَدِكَ مَاضٍ فِىَّ حُكْمُكَ عَدْلٌ فِىَّ قَضَاؤُكَ أَسْأَلُكَ بِكُلِّ اسْمٍ هُوَ لَكَ سَمَّيْتَ بِهِ نَفْسَكَ أَوْ أَنْزَلْتَهُ فِى كِتَابِكَ أَوْ عَلَّمْتَهُ أَحَداً مِنْ خَلْقِكَ أَوِ اسْتَأْثَرْتَ بِهِ فِى عِلْمِ الْغَيْبِ عِنْدَكَ أَنْ تَجْعَلَ الْقُرْآنَ رَبِيعَ قَلْبِى وَنُورَ صَدْرِى وَجَلاَءَ حُزْنِى وَذَهَابَ هَمِّى



By Faryal WK

Today people are not miserable because of their own miseries, they are miserable because of the prosperity of others.

gb copy Today people are not miserable because of their own miseries, they are miserable because of the prosperity of others.
es copy Hoy en día la gente no es miserable a causa de sus propias miserias, que son miserables debido a la prosperidad de otros.
nl copy Vandaag de dag mensen zijn niet ongelukkig door hun eigen ellende, ze zijn ellendig vanwege de welvaart van anderen.
fr copy Aujourd’hui, les gens ne sont pas malheureux à cause de leurs propres misères, ils sont malheureux à cause de la prospérité des autres.
de copy Heute sind die Menschen wegen ihrer eigenen Elend sind nicht unglücklich, sie sind unglücklich, weil der Wohlstand der anderen.
CN67867 Jīntiān, rénmen yīnwèi zìjǐ de bùxìng hé bù cǎn, tāmen shì yīnwèi biérén de fánróng kǔ bùkān yán.
Sweden Idag människor är inte olycklig på grund av sina egna elände, de är olycklig på grund av välstånd för andra.
rus7897 Segodnya lyudi ne neschastnym iz-za ikh sobstvennykh stradaniy , oni neschastny iz-za protsvetaniya drugikh.
4523turkey Bugün insanlar, çünkü kendi sefaletin sefil değil, onlar için başkalarının refah mutsuz.
images Oggi le persone non sono infelici a causa delle loro miserie, che sono infelici a causa della prosperità degli altri.
indonesiaID Hari ini orang tidak sengsara karena penderitaan mereka sendiri, mereka sengsara karena kesejahteraan orang lain.