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By: Abu Safiyyah

Muslims and Christians have much in common, both groups have enjoyed an amicable relationship throughout history (apart from a few unfortunate hiccups). After all, it was the then Christian ruler of Abyssinia who granted refuge to early Muslim converts who were fleeing persecution from the Polytheists of Makkah. They were advised to go there by the Prophet Muhammad himself (peace be upon him).

The following are 6 Muslim beliefs about Jesus (peace be upon him) every Christian must know.

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5 Lessons we can learn from the Exodus



By: Abu Safiyyah

The 10th of Muharram marks the day Musa (peace be upon him) and the Children of Israel were saved from Pharaoh and his army. Historically, Jews would keep a fast to mark this occasion and Muslims have continued this tradition by keeping an optional fast on this day as well as an additional fast a day before or a day after. The incident is mentioned in various places in the Qur’an and it is also mentioned in the Old Testament in the ‘Book of Exodus’.

The story of the splitting of the sea is well known but what lessons can we learn from this? Here are 5 lessons we can learn from Musa’s escape from Pharaoh.

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Documentary: More Than 69 Miracles of ISLAM (Video)

info-pictogram1 Miracles discovered allover the world and the universe,Sent to you by the creator of everything as an undeniable proofs to know the real life purpose and to be sure of the hereafter destinies truth… Such as: the infant miracle, world golden place miracle,the church miracle, the man creation secrets miracle, the creation and end of universe miracle, the tsunami miracle, the animals submission behavior miracle, the ant miracles, the fishes miracles,the human body miracles, the trees miracles, the mountain miracles, Holy water miracle, Holy place miracle, woman rank in Islam, the prophet miracle, God rewards, ..and more than 58 other miracles and astonishing proofs that surely, none can deny! What is waiting for everybody after death and in the hereafter! Watch to understand and know a grate number of absolutely very importants and saving informations. Really it’s the video of salvation!
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Nouman Ali Khan: Revival (Video)

info-pictogram1 Revival | Jummah Khutbah | Nouman Ali Khan | 09/19/2014 | Albany, New York.
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Documentary: Decoding the Secrets of Qur’an (Video)

info-pictogram1 Decoding the Secrets of Qur’an is a documentary on Qur’an.
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info-pictogram1 Unbelievable miracles of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ foretelling the signs of the last day. From musical instruments to television screens and satellite communication. There is no way he could have known these things, except for the fact he was the Prophet of Allah. Watch, share and realise we are closer than ever to the end of time. May Allah protect us all.
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Miracles of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)


By: Imam Nawawi


The Messenger of Allah possesses many manifest miracles and signs demonstrating [his veracity], reaching thousands and they are well known.

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Kinetic Typography: 30+ Stunning Dazzling Miracles of The Holy Quran (Video)

info-pictogram1 Quran’s Challenge for a Literary Equivalent to God’s Words remains unmatched even after One and a Half Millenium. And now using the most modern of Technological means of communication available to us, The Linguistic Miracles are being re-told so that anyone and everyone can enjoy these Linguistic Miracles of The Divine Book.

If you have trust in God, you have no need to worry, for he who has his heart open to God, is also open to miracles.

gb copy If you have trust in God, you have no need to worry, for he who has his heart open to God, is also open to miracles.
es copy Si usted tiene confianza en Dios, usted no tiene ninguna necesidad de preocuparse, porque el que tiene su corazón abierto a Dios, también está abierto a los milagros.
nl copy Als je vertrouwen in God hebt, heb je geen zorgen te maken, want hij die zijn hart open voor God, staat ook open voor wonderen.
fr copy Si vous avez confiance en Dieu, vous n’avez pas besoin de s’inquiéter, car celui qui a le coeur ouvert à Dieu, est également ouvert aux miracles.
de copy Wenn Sie Vertrauen in Gott haben, haben Sie keinen Grund zur Sorge, denn er, der sein Herz für Gott offen ist, ist auch offen für Wunder.
CN67867 如果你有上帝的信任,你就沒有必要擔心,因為他誰擁有他的心臟開到神,也開放給奇蹟。
Sweden Om du har tillit till Gud, du har ingen anledning att oroa sig, för den som har sitt hjärta öppet för Gud, är också öppen för mirakel.
rus7897 Если у вас есть доверие к Богу, у вас нет необходимости беспокоиться, ибо тот, кто имеет свое сердце открытым для Бога, также открыт для чудес.
4523turkey Tanrıya güven varsa Allah’a açık kalbi vardır o da mucizelere açık için, sen, endişelenmenize gerek yok.
images Se avete fiducia in Dio, non avete bisogno di preoccuparsi, perché chi ha il cuore aperto a Dio, è aperto anche ai miracoli.
indonesiaID Jika Anda memiliki kepercayaan pada Tuhan, Anda tidak perlu khawatir, karena ia yang memiliki hatinya terbuka untuk Tuhan, juga terbuka untuk mukjizat.