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Source: Mission Dawah

Today on the Dawah Stall in Middlesbrough:

A man approached us before the Middlesbrough match, and quite calmly said he had a lot of problems with Islam, the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and the Qur’an. His questions were:

1) Whats with you wanting to wage jihad on everyone, what is this Holy war?
2) Why did the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) marry A’ishah (ra) So young and why do people say you can do that now?
3) Why are trying to impose shariah law on us?

Alhamdulilah we answered all his questions and he walked away saying, why aren’t Muslims everywhere saying what your saying. Why are you the first Muslims I’ve heard say this. Shook our hands and walked away thinking better and actually agreeing with a lot of what Islam says.

This right here is dawah, in its simplest forms. Clarifying misconceptions about our religion and providing people with authentic Islam.

This is the importance of dawah. We should all be able to answer these questions in a effective and coherent manner. If anyone wants the answers to these let us know ‪#‎ConveyTheMessage‬

Muslim Superheroes: IDC Eid al Fitr Hospital Visit (Video)

info-pictogram1 On Eid al-Fitr 2014, members of the IDC Team visited three local hospital 1. RVI Newcastle 2. Royal Infirmary Sunderland 3. James Cook Middlesbrough as the Muslim Superheroes! Eid is a time of celebration and see young children enjoying this blessed day! So what better way than sharing it with the children who are in hospital!