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Islam’s Call to Reflect



By: Hassan Youssef

Islam takes great interest in knowledge.

It commands people to meditate upon the phenomena of the universe in which we live and contemplate over the creation of God in order to discover the mysteries of nature and the universe.

Islam also urges us to travel about in the earth to explore its secrets. There are many verses in the Quran that instruct the Muslims to meditate and observe the universe since observation is the first step of the scientific method.

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Common Daily Mistakes Exploited by Shaitan


By: Abdul-Baseer

Our lives can seem like a whirlwind of hectic, chaotic, unpredictable situations and occurrences that keep us . Struggling to do what we need to do to maintain our obedience to  Allah Subhanahu-wa-Taala and surviving in a complex world at the same can be very difficult.  Yet, we all have patterns, habits and daily routines we fall into as we maintain some stability, sanity and normality to our lives.  The longer one makes daily mistakes, the more harder it will get to survive Shaitan’s trappings; making his temptations difficult to resist and easier to fall into.

The various addictions Shaitan wants to trap a person can move from one level to the next. An addiction locks one into a vice, sin or foul activity. Without the ability to escape from shaitan’s trappings, we are unable to free ourselves, making us not only slaves of Shaitan, but we might also end up working to spread his foul causes and agendas.

So clearly the first step one should take is to stop Shaitan in his tracks before any of these weakening factors occur.  Then turning to the Qur’an and the Sunnah will answer the to avoid each pitfall.

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Opinion: Eating your ethics – Halal meat


By: Alicia Miller

Halal ritual slaughter has raised huge controversy in the UK press, writes Alicia Miller. But the far greater issue is farm animals’ entire quality of life – as reflected in the Qu’ranic principle that meat must be ‘tayyib’ – good, wholesome and from well-treated, healthy animals. Is this something we can all agree on?

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Moroccan Kid Allegedly Learns English By Herself, Shares Her Method (Video)

Science tells us the HOW not the WHY


By: Imran Hussein

Science is a beautiful method which is being misrepresented by some to support there agenda to deny God. ” We have science we don’t need God!” a very common statement made by many atheists which is flawed at many levels.

Here’s just one flaw, science tells us the HOW not the WHY, it can never tell us the why as the method by it’s very nature is limited to what is observable. Here is where some try to be a little sneaky and suggest if we cannot observe something then it does not exist! See the problem is that empiricism is not the only way to truth, if this was the case we would not have science in the first place!

So when they apply the notion for example to how rain clouds form, atheists would say (at leasts the ones that ascribe to scientism) well we know how the rain clouds form no need for a cause, we cannot observe a why there for the why does not exist yet this does not logically follow.

take the analogy of a clock if you were to peal the face of a clock away revealing the gears meticulously arranged you would eventually understand how the clock works but once you understood that would you then jump to the conclusion that there is no designer because I now know how it works, of course not!

Once we understand the difference between the HOW and WHY we can avoid the traps that are being laid out there.