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Miracle of God: The human brain



By: Marilyn Adamson

The human brain…simultaneously processes an amazing amount of information. Your brain takes in all the colors and objects you see, the temperature around you, the pressure of your feet against the floor, the sounds around you, the dryness of your mouth, even the texture of your keyboard. Your brain holds and processes all your emotions, thoughts and memories. At the same time your brain keeps track of the ongoing functions of your body like your breathing pattern, eyelid movement, hunger and movement of the muscles in your hands.

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Dr. Bilal Philips: Never Give Up (Video)

info-pictogram1 A messages to the Muslim Ummah today and for the Students of Islamic Online University.
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Halal and Haram on Social Media

laptop and stethoscope


By: Uzman Muhajir

Numerous Facebook notifications as usual. Click, click, click. Friends abuzz, annoying-funny-repetitive posts all over your news feed. Just another day on your profile. Messages are next in line for your attention. Click, comment, click, comment. Okay, done… oh, look a message in “other”, who is it you wonder? And with that your nafs begins to find entertainment from this prospect, stroking your ego, amusing you even if you feel somewhat violated from the message of “Salam” or “Alaykumsalam” or “Hey (and your name), how are you?”. This is what social media is, an endless space. With an endless amount of people, and a major platform for communication.But what kind of communication?

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Why is tweeting #FreePalestine such a political bomb for celebrities like Rihanna?

As the conflict in Gaza rages on, many people around the world are taking to social media to express their views on the decades long situation in the Middle East.

By: Santilla Chingaipe


Among them, are some big celebrities.

One of the hashtags that’s been not only the most used, but perhaps also more controversial, is the ‘#FreePalestine’ hashtag which people are using to show their sympathies in the favour of the Palestinians.

Zayn Malik of the British boy band One Direction has been the latest to voice his concern when he posted “#FreePalestine” on his Twitter account last week.


Popstar Rihanna also tweeted the hashtag, only to delete it several few minutes later after receiving a barrage of abusive messages.

Antony Lowenstein is an independent journalist and author and also a prolific tweeter.

He spoke to Santilla Chingaipe about what the hashtag means.

Islam is the compass that keeps us headed in the right direction, even in the midst of confusing messages all around.

gb copy Islam is the compass that keeps us headed in the right direction, even in the midst of confusing messages all around.
es copy El Islam es la brújula que nos mantiene dirigimos en la dirección correcta, incluso en medio de los mensajes confusos a su alrededor.
nl copy De islam is het kompas dat houdt ons hoofd in de goede richting, zelfs in het midden van verwarrende berichten rondom.
fr copy L’Islam est la boussole qui nous maintient dans la bonne direction, même au milieu des messages confus tout autour.
de copy Islam ist der Kompass, der uns leitete in die richtige Richtung, auch in der Mitte der verwirrenden Meldungen rund um hält.
CN67867 Yīsīlán jiào shì, shǐ wǒmen cháozhe zhèngquè de fāngxiàng, jíshǐ zài hǔnluàn de xìnxī zhī zhōng gèdì de zhǐnánzhēn.
Sweden Islam är den kompass som håller oss på väg åt rätt håll, även mitt i förvirrande budskap runt om.
rus7897 Islam yavlyayetsya kompas, kotoryy derzhit nas v vernom napravlenii, dazhe v razgar vvodyashchuyu v zabluzhdeniye informatsiyu vse vokrug.
4523turkey İslam bize her yerinde, hatta kafa karıştırıcı mesajların ortasında, doğru yolda tutan pusula olduğunu.
images L’Islam è la bussola che ci tiene andando nella direzione giusta, anche nel bel mezzo di messaggi confusi tutto intorno.
indonesiaID Islam adalah kompas yang membuat kita menuju ke arah yang benar, bahkan di tengah-tengah pesan membingungkan di sekitar.