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By: Kameelah Mu’Min Rashad

In Aug 2011, Associated Press journalists Chris Hawley, Adam Goldman, Eileen Sullivan and Matt Apuzzo began publishing a series of detailed reports exposing a decades long secret surveillance program. This program was engineered by the NYPD (with assistance from the CIA) to gather intelligence on entire Muslim communities. Operating under the auspices of the “Demographic Unit”, law enforcement spied on American Muslim citizens all along the Northeastern seaboard— from New Haven, CT to Philadelphia, PA. The extent and reach of this suspicion-less spying extended far beyond the boundaries of New York City; with local officials and police departments seemingly unaware that the NYPD was conducting such far-reaching clandestine activity outside of its jurisdiction.

This series of Associated Reports revealed the surreal and sordid details of a program that read more like a Hollywood Spy/Crime drama- filled with informants, undercover police officers (“rakers and mosque crawlers”), monitoring of masjids, bookstores, homes, cafés, halal meat markets, and other businesses. Muslim Students’ Associationswere also targeted for surveillance –including Yale MSA, City College of New York, Rutgers New Brunswick and UPenn MSA. NYPD informants infiltrated MSA student meetings, chat rooms, online forums and group outings. Based on information obtained by the Associated Press “Student groups were of particular interest to the NYPD because they attract young Muslim men, a demographic that terrorist groups frequently draw from. Police worried about which Muslim scholars were influencing these students and feared that extracurricular activities such as paintball outings could be used as terrorist training.”

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If you suffer from any of the following ailments, you may not be drinking enough water: fatigue, confusion, memory loss, dizziness, dry and wrinkled skin, brittle hair and nails, cold fingers and toes, constipation, eczema, headaches, urinary tract infections, and muscle pains.These are all signs of dehydration.

Your body is made up of around 70% water, which is involved in every bodily function. If you lack water, then your body will try to get moisture from any liquid source in your system. It will automatically tap your blood, cell fluid, intra-cellular fluid, and even your stools and urine. When you’re literally draining yourself, you’re impacting your physical and mental health and speeding up the aging process.

Below are seven very good reasons to boost your water intake:

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THE DEEN SHOW: Depression or Suicidal thoughts? (VIDEO)

info-pictogram1 Some great Advice in this episode for every person who is Dealing with Depression or suicidal thoughts? Islam has all the solutions for all of mankind since it isn’t a man made religion it is a way of life sent down from the Creator of mankind as a mercy to the worlds. This weeks Guest Sh Yassir fazaga director of mental heath
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Productive Thinking: Four Levels of Behaviour


This is the fifth of a series of seven articles on ‘Productive Thinking’. The series aims to address the challenges that Muslims face on many different levels when it comes to productivity. These levels include: the mental, emotional and physical levels. This series will tackle thinking and mindset on the mental level; negative emotions like anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, fear, etc., on the emotional level; and habits on the physical level. (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4)

Are You Being Effective?

This article will discuss the four levels of behaviour or activities that can be used to measure our effectiveness. To be successful in this world and the next, we have to be ‘doing the right things’ — effectiveness — before ‘doing things right’ — efficiency. You can say you have been busy, but have you been busy just for the sake of being busy; or have you been busy being productive and effective? By being aware of these four levels, you can easily gauge the level of your effectiveness and productivity, In sha Allah.

The Four Levels of Behaviour: Pain, Pleasure, Benefit and Harm

We live in a world of dichotomy and opposites. It is only through opposites that we know the true nature of things. As human beings, we are driven by pain and pleasure. We no doubt like to do things that are pleasing, easy, as well as make us feel good, regardless of their actual benefit. However, as Allah (glorified and exalted be He) says in the Qur’an:

“And have [we not] shown him the two ways? But he has not broken through the difficult pass. And what can make you know what is [breaking through] the difficult pass?”
[Qur’an: Chapter 90, Verses 10-12].

tafsir (exegesis) of the above verses indicates that the easy way is easy at the start, but will be hard later on and there will be consequences. The hard way is hard initially, but the ultimate ending will be good and easy. The hard way involves working for what is beneficial in this world and the next, and continuing to strive for goals and ambitions that may not always feel good or easy.

One of my favorite quotes by a teacher of mine is: “You will have a hard life if you live it the easy way. You will have an easy life if you live it the hard way.”

The Four Levels of Behaviour in Depth

The four levels can be illustrated by means of the following diagram:


The Four Levels of Behaviour Diagram

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5 Stress Busters to Enhance Your Productivity

In this deadline-demanding, rat race society, it seems like we’re pushed to run and run everyday beyond our capacity. Suddenly, one day passes like an hour, and an hour seems like a passing mosquito. But now, instead of making stress a scary green monster that’s ready to eat you alive, we’re going to find out how to manage stress and keep it under control.


1. Address the Root Problem

What would you do if suddenly in the middle of night, your fire alarm rings? Would you switch off the alarm and go back to sleep? Of course not! You’ll search the house and try to find the source and spring into action to douse it out.

Likewise, your stress. You don’t just slap a “this too shall pass” attitude then turn on the TV comedy show to distract yourself from the problem. Stress is merely a smoke, and fanning the smoke alone won’t save your house from the fire.

Now do a quick contemplation: write down the things that stress you. Stuff you have to accomplish, including those you must do but you’re just “finding no time” to do. Just write them all down, from big stuff like “I want to publish a novel!” to something as trivial as giving your cat a bath. This is only the start. Next you’ll have to:

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Only in love can we find our true meaning in life, everything else just leads to a dead end.

gb copy Only in love can we find our true meaning in life, everything else just leads to a dead end.
es copy Sólo en el amor podemos encontrar nuestro verdadero sentido de la vida, todo lo demás sólo conduce a un callejón sin salida.
nl copy Alleen in de liefde vinden we onze ware zin van het leven, al het andere leidt alleen maar tot een doodlopende weg.
fr copy Seulement en amour pouvons-nous trouver notre véritable sens de la vie, tout le reste mène juste à une impasse.
de copy Nur in der Liebe können wir unsere wahren Sinn im Leben zu finden, alles andere führt nur in eine Sackgasse.
CN67867 Zhǐyǒu ài, cáinéng zhǎodào wǒmen zhēnzhèng de shēngmìng yìyì, yīqiè zhǐshì dǎozhìle sǐhútòng.
Sweden Endast i kärlek kan vi finna vår sanna mening i livet, allt annat leder bara till en återvändsgränd.
rus7897 Tol’ko v lyubvi my mozhem nayti nash istinnyy smysl v zhizni , vse ostal’noye prosto privodit v tupik.
4523turkey Sadece aşık hayatta bizim gerçek anlamını bulabilirsiniz, her şey sadece bir çıkmaz yol açar.
images Solo in amore possiamo trovare il nostro vero significato della vita, tutto il resto porta solo ad un vicolo cieco.
indonesiaID Hanya cinta kita dapat menemukan makna sejati dalam hidup, segala sesuatu yang lain hanya mengarah ke jalan buntu.

People who do not know how to deal with anxiety and stress tend to die earlier than others.

gb copy People who do not know how to deal with anxiety and stress tend to die earlier than others.
es copy Las personas que no saben cómo lidiar con la ansiedad y el estrés tienden a morir antes que otros.
nl copy Mensen die niet weten om te gaan met angst en stress sterven doorgaans eerder dan anderen.
fr copy Les gens qui ne savent pas comment faire face à l’anxiété et le stress ont tendance à mourir plus tôt que les autres.
de copy Menschen, die nicht wissen, wie man mit Angst und Stress umzugehen, sind in der Regel früher sterben als andere.
CN67867 Rén shuí bù zhīdào rúhé chǔlǐ jiāolǜ hé yālì wǎngwǎng bǐ biérén gèng zǎo sǐwáng.
Sweden Folk som inte vet hur man handskas med ångest och stress tenderar att dö tidigare än andra.
rus7897 Lyudi , kotoryye ne znayut , kak borot’sya s trevogoy i stressom , kak pravilo, umirayut ran’she , chem drugiye.
4523turkey Kaygı ve stres ile başa çıkmak için nasıl bilmiyorum insanlar diğerlerine göre daha erken ölmek eğilimindedir.
images Le persone che non sanno come affrontare l’ansia e lo stress tendono a morire prima di altri.
indonesiaID Orang-orang yang tidak tahu bagaimana untuk mengatasi kecemasan dan stres cenderung meninggal lebih awal daripada yang lain.