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Social Experiment: How hearing Quran affects people’s hearts? (Video)

info-pictogram1 877-Why-Islam did a unique social experiment by having people listen to Quran on the streets. Watch this video to find out the reaction and their observations. Quran is the holy book revealed by All Merciful God (Allah) to the last Prophet – Mohammad (peace be upon him). For 1400 years, the book has been preserved. Millions have it memorized, and billions follow it!

A Short Explanation of The Quran

A Short Explanation of Holy Quran (1)


By: Naveed Shamem

Quran is the last book of Allah swt revealed on last prophet Muhammad salal laho aliehi waslam.It is the only book which is free from all kinds of error and flaw .It has been preserved both in the form of book and also memorized by the Muslims generation after generations.

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The Deen Show: Quran a Miracle only Book in world that’s memorized by millions (Video)

info-pictogram1 Points you will take away from watching this show:
1.The Quran Is a Book from the Creator to Humanity .
2. The Quran is like no other book in the world.
3. Millions of people have memorized this book.
4,This book has solutions to all your problems.
5. How other books such as the Bible have been changed and corrupted.
6. How to make it part of your life and much more.

Knowledge is not what is memorized but knowledge is what benefits.

gb copy Knowledge is not what is memorized but knowledge is what benefits.
es copy El conocimiento no es lo que se memoriza pero el conocimiento es lo que beneficia.
nl copy Kennis is niet wat wordt opgeslagen, maar kennis is wat ten goede komt.
fr copy La connaissance n’est pas ce qui est mémorisé mais la connaissance est ce que les avantages.
de copy Wissen ist nicht das, was wird gespeichert, aber Wissen ist, was nützt.
CN67867 Zhīshì shì bùshì bèi jìyì, dàn zhīshì shì shénme hǎochù.
Sweden Kunskap är inte det som sparas, men kunskap är vilka fördelar.
rus7897 Znaniya ne to, chto zapominayetsya , no znaniya , kakiye vygody.
4523turkey Bilgi hafızaya ne değil ama bilginin ne faydaları.
images La conoscenza non è quello che viene memorizzato, ma la conoscenza è ciò che benefici.
indonesiaID Pengetahuan bukanlah apa yang hafal tetapi pengetahuan adalah apa manfaat.