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Problematic Trends in regards to seeking marriage in ISLAM (VIDEO)

info-pictogram1 A very huge problem today is that a great number of Muslims have been Affected by the dating, boy-friend/girl-friend test drive epidemic. We know that this has become the normal thing in todays society but as Muslims we strive to hold on to a higher level of morality and purity and we look to make all of our affairs pleasing to our Creator and Marriage in ISLAM is a completion of half your Deen so Muslims should be very serious about staying away from the evil pitfalls that lead to a broken society which mainly steams from the evil of “Zina”( Immorality,fornication,screwing around, adultery).

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info-pictogram1 One of the most important sessions at a youth conference in Northern Virginia in which the youth are given the opportunity to have their questions and concerns addressed by two leaders in the American Muslim community. And to no surprise the vast majority of questions pertain to gender relations and marriage. Suhaib Webb addresses these issues: proper conduct with one’s fiancé, what to do if marriage is not possible, divulging the sin of fornication to a potential spouse, dealing with a stubborn parent who rejects your choice of a spouse, and general advice for divorcees and widows trying to remarry. Omar Suleiman addresses these issues: elders preventing marriage because of racism, can guys and girls just be friends, helping hijabis understand proper hijab and its purpose, the wisdom of Islamic rules regarding gender relations, the confusion between culture and religion, and the hypocrisy of parents. Other issues discussed by both speakers: the permissibility of voting and political participation, the best methodology for studying Islam, wiping over cotton socks, how to make the most of Ramadan, why tattoos are forbidden, and must converts remove their tattoos.
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