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Eid Blessings!

Eid Mubarak

By: Suhaib Webb


The word ‘Eīd comes from a word that means to return. The ‘Arab’s coined the term for holidays because they occurred “returned” every year. While that is important, the idea of returning challenges us to ponder a few thing

 Returning to God 

The Prophet (sa) said, “Believers are like horses; they escape from their master only to return one day.” For many, this Ramadān was difficult. I heard from a number of folks that this was the “toughest” Ramadān ever. Others complained “I did not feel I did well this year. The long days were difficult to manage.” As we come out of Ramadān, we cannot be defeated by a sense of guilt. Instead, let us return to Allah by repenting to him, refresh our hearts and renew our commitment to faith.

Allāh says,

وَمَن يَعْمَلْ سُوۤءاً أَوْ يَظْلِمْ نَفْسَهُ ثُمَّ يَسْتَغْفِرِ ٱللَّهَ يَجِدِ ٱللَّهَ غَفُوراً رَّحِيماً

“Who wrongs others, or his own soul, then seeks God’s pardon, he will find God forgiving merciful.” Qur’ān 4:110

Meaning: Who commits any sin or crime, then repents sincerely to God, replacing evil with good, or by righting a wrong committed, he will discover that his lord will cover his faults and guide him from his mistakes.

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There is a time to speak & a time to stay silent, the wise know when, the foolish never manage to find balance.

gb copy There is a time to speak & a time to stay silent, the wise know when, the foolish never manage to find balance.
es copy Hay un tiempo para hablar y un tiempo para permanecer en silencio, el sabio sabe cuando, los que no saben nunca se las arreglan para encontrar el equilibrio.
nl copy Er is een tijd om te spreken en een tijd om te zwijgen, de wijze weten wanneer, de dwaas nooit in slagen om balans te vinden.
fr copy Il est un temps pour parler et un temps pour se taire, le savoir sage quand, l’insensé ne parviennent à trouver un équilibre.
de copy Es gibt eine Zeit zum Reden und eine Zeit zu schweigen, zu bleiben, die Weisen wissen, wenn das dumme nie schaffen, Balance zu finden.
CN67867 Yǒu shíjiān shuōhuà hé shíjiān bǎochí chénmò, cōngmíng de zhīdào shénme shíhou, yúchǔn cónglái méiyǒu shèfǎ zhǎodào pínghéng diǎn.
Sweden Det finns en tid att tala och en tid för att hålla tyst, den vise vet när, den dåraktiga aldrig lyckas hitta balansen.
rus7897 Sushchestvuyet vremya govorit’ i vremya molchat’ , mudryy znayet , kogda ,glupo ne udayetsya nayti balans.
4523turkey Aptalca dengeyi bulmak için yönetmek asla zaman, sessiz kalmak ve bilge bilmesine bir zaman konuşmak için bir zaman yoktur.
images C’è un tempo per parlare e un tempo per tacere, il know saggio quando, lo stolto non riescono a trovare l’equilibrio.
indonesiaID Ada waktu untuk berbicara & waktu untuk tinggal diam, pengetahuan bijaksana ketika, orang bodoh tidak pernah berhasil menemukan keseimbangan.

Productivity Ninja: Staying Disciplined; Overcoming Resistance


Managing Attention

Realising the need to get beyond time management and start to manage your attention to its optimum capabilities is a huge step forward. Develop a good sense of your daily attention flow so it dictates the rhythm and difficulty of your work at different times of the day. Give yourself permission to handle the low brow and easy tasks when you are flagging at inactive attention lows, but equally be sure to bite off the most difficult tasks when your proactive attention has you salivating for results.

Protecting Attention from Interruptions
Remember, proactive attention is your most precious commodity. The vultures of interruption and potential distraction will circle you, trying to make you a victim. Stay in control. Aggressively and ruthlessly defend your attention.

Self-Awareness and Agility
productivity ninja is agile. The plan for the day at 1 PM may be entirely different from what it was at 9 AM. Pay attention to your attention levels and change your plan if you are having one of those ‘hitting top form’ kind of days, or of course if you are fading faster than you expected.

Minimise Set-up Cost
With any new activity, whether email, writing a report or attending a conference, there is a high set-up cost in terms of time and attention. For email, you have to fire up Outlook and let the program load and synchronise with the server and open your emails. If returning to a report, you have to reread all the bits that you have forgotten you wrote last time; you have to navigate back through the document. All of these are the set-up costs of doing. The cost is twofold: It takes time and it also takes attention and energy. Working in larger ‘chunks’ (such as writing the whole report in one go, rather than trying to split it over several days) is a great way to minimise the time and attention spent in set-up mode.

Mix and Match
Potential distractions are around every corner. Do not even create the temptation to get distracted because you are bored. Keep your days and weeks fresh by giving yourself variety. So if Monday is very much a solitary thinking day, perhaps Tuesday will be full of interesting people and conversations. Wednesday might be out of the office, but allow Thursday to focus back onto admin and getting your in-tray back to zero.

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