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Hamza Yusuf: The Man’s Weakness For the Woman (Video)

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Anger, Lust and Forgetfulness; The Traps of Shaytan



Shaytan can persuade a person to come and use one of these three doors to make a person slip. It is like he is ambushing them. So even the most complete of people can fall into moments of anger, doing something based on anger, based on lust or based on forgetfulness.

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Trying to look sexy

By: Soufyan Bouharat

For everyone that’s trying to dress sexy these days. I searched in the dictionary about the word and this is the definition of sexy: “Provoking or intended to provoke sexual interest”. Let’s think about the definition of the word sex-y.

The word cut in 2 pieces already tells you what it really means. If you are trying your best to dress “sexy”, what you are actually trying to do is, to show people that you are somebody that someone else would have sexual interaction with. So you are inviting the other to raise their sexual lust in them.

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A lust for vengeance blind the most reasonable people in the world.

gb copy A lust for vengeance blind the most reasonable people in the world.
es copy Una sed de venganza ciega a las personas más razonables en el mundo.
nl copy Een lust voor wraak blind de meest redelijke mensen in de wereld.
fr copy Un désir de vengeance aveugle les gens les plus raisonnables dans le monde.
de copy Ein Rachelust blenden die meisten vernünftigen Menschen in der Welt.
CN67867 Yīgè yùwàng fùchóu méngbì zuì hélǐ de rén zài shìjiè shàng.
Sweden En lust för hämnd blinda de mest förnuftiga människor i världen.
rus7897 Zhazhda mesti oslepit’ naiboleye razumnyye lyudi v mire.
4523turkey Intikam için bir şehvet dünyanın en makul insanları kör.
images Un desiderio di vendetta cieca le persone più ragionevoli del mondo.
indonesiaID Sebuah nafsu untuk membalas dendam buta orang-orang yang paling masuk akal di dunia.