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Allah made dogs to be dogs , trees to be trees , males to be males and females to be females.Gays and Lesbians ,the ONLY things that makes Allah angry. It’s said that when Allah see two gays together his throne trembles and shakes of anger. Gays are a disgrace for humanity , it is not preferred to touch them.When meeting a Gay try to lead him to stop by the most peaceful ways and the last thing to do with him is to ignore him.

“Kawm Loot” -Loot’s people- : It’s a Muslim story from the Qur’an talking about people, who all were gays lesbians and had the ugliest ways of interacting (sexually). Allah showed them all by sending a storm never witnessed by history again. While Loot was escaping (one of the good people of this country) he found his wife falling behind , he asked her ” Why are you slowing down?” she said “I am from the oppressors ” and then she died with them.

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