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Documentary: The Zionist War on Islam & The Next False Flag In London (Video)

info-pictogram1 All this time, the western powers have supposedly been fighting a war against terrorism, but this is far from the Truth. In reality, this global war is an effort to wage a war on all levels, on Islam and Muslims.
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Omar Suleiman: Is Life Fair? What is the Reason to Live? (Video)

info-pictogram1 877-Why-Islam presents Sh. Omar Suleiman who asks important questions about our goal in life. Is the enjoyment of life the ultimate goal worth living for? Can a blind and homeless individual be more content than a famous actor? Explore why individuals display such varying levels of contentment.
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11 Reasons Dehydration Is Making You Sick And Fat



Adverse effects from not drinking enough water include digestive, skin, bladder and kidney problems, fatigue, and even headaches. We need water as much as the air we breathe in! Keeping your body hydrated is not a joke.

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Floods kill at least 160 in Pakistan (Video)

info-pictogram1 Rescuers try to reach thousands trapped by floods as water levels rise to 20-year highs in some areas. Kamal Hyder reports.

Seeking purity through Zakah (charitable giving)


By: Maryam Hedayat


Allah has created human beings with different colors, attitudes and levels of knowledge, so too their deeds and provision vary. He has made some of them rich and some poor, to test the rich as to whether they show gratitude, and to test the poor as to whether they are enduring.

Since the believers are a brotherhood, and brotherhood is based on compassion, kindness, love and mercy, Allah has enjoined upon the Muslims the institution of Zakah which is taken from the rich and given to the poor.

Zakah is one of the five basic pillars of Islam, which means to grow, to increase, and to spread. The literal meaning of the word Zakah is “purity”.

It is an obligation (Fard), prescribed by Allah on those Muslim men and women who possess enough means, to distribute a certain percentage of their annual savings or capital in goods or money among the poor and the needy. Zakah is assessed once a year on both capital and savings from income.

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The recognition of goodness in another, leaves an impression that helps you also to rise to higher levels.

gb copy The recognition of goodness in another, leaves an impression that helps you also to rise to higher levels.
es copy El reconocimiento de la bondad en sí, deja una impresión que le ayuda también a subir a niveles más altos.
nl copy De erkenning van het goede in een ander, laat een indruk dat je ook helpt om te stijgen naar hogere niveaus.
fr copy La reconnaissance de la bonté dans un autre, laisse une impression qui vous aide également à atteindre des niveaux plus élevés.
de copy Die Anerkennung der Güte in einem anderen, hinterlässt den Eindruck, dass Sie hilft auch, um auf höhere Ebenen steigen.
CN67867 Shànliáng de lìng yī shìbié, liú xià yīgè yìnxiàng, kěyǐ bāngzhù nǐ yě shàngshēng dào gèng gāo de shuǐpíng.
Sweden Erkännandet av godhet i en annan, lämnar ett intryck som hjälper dig också att stiga till högre nivåer.
rus7897 Priznaniye dobra v drugoy, ostavlyayet vpechatleniye , chto pomogayet vam takzhe podnyat’sya na boleye vysokikh urovnyakh.
4523turkey Başka iyilik tanınması, yüksek seviyelere yükselmesi de size yardımcı olan bir izlenim bırakıyor.
images Il riconoscimento della bontà in un altro, lascia l’impressione che ti aiuta anche a salire a livelli più alti.
indonesiaID Pengakuan kebaikan di tempat lain, meninggalkan kesan yang membantu Anda juga untuk naik ke tingkat yang lebih tinggi.

Productive Thinking: Four Levels of Behaviour


This is the fifth of a series of seven articles on ‘Productive Thinking’. The series aims to address the challenges that Muslims face on many different levels when it comes to productivity. These levels include: the mental, emotional and physical levels. This series will tackle thinking and mindset on the mental level; negative emotions like anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, fear, etc., on the emotional level; and habits on the physical level. (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4)

Are You Being Effective?

This article will discuss the four levels of behaviour or activities that can be used to measure our effectiveness. To be successful in this world and the next, we have to be ‘doing the right things’ — effectiveness — before ‘doing things right’ — efficiency. You can say you have been busy, but have you been busy just for the sake of being busy; or have you been busy being productive and effective? By being aware of these four levels, you can easily gauge the level of your effectiveness and productivity, In sha Allah.

The Four Levels of Behaviour: Pain, Pleasure, Benefit and Harm

We live in a world of dichotomy and opposites. It is only through opposites that we know the true nature of things. As human beings, we are driven by pain and pleasure. We no doubt like to do things that are pleasing, easy, as well as make us feel good, regardless of their actual benefit. However, as Allah (glorified and exalted be He) says in the Qur’an:

“And have [we not] shown him the two ways? But he has not broken through the difficult pass. And what can make you know what is [breaking through] the difficult pass?”
[Qur’an: Chapter 90, Verses 10-12].

tafsir (exegesis) of the above verses indicates that the easy way is easy at the start, but will be hard later on and there will be consequences. The hard way is hard initially, but the ultimate ending will be good and easy. The hard way involves working for what is beneficial in this world and the next, and continuing to strive for goals and ambitions that may not always feel good or easy.

One of my favorite quotes by a teacher of mine is: “You will have a hard life if you live it the easy way. You will have an easy life if you live it the hard way.”

The Four Levels of Behaviour in Depth

The four levels can be illustrated by means of the following diagram:


The Four Levels of Behaviour Diagram

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