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Study: British cities may see more Muslim than Christian children

By: Leah Marieann Klett

The number of Muslim children in several British cities is fast eclipsing that of Christian children, according to birth rate statistics that reveal the country’s significant demographic change. The Daily Mail reports that the latest statistics, extracted from the 2011 Census, shows that of 278,623 young people in Britain’s second largest city, Birmingham, 97,099 registered as Muslim compared to 93,828 as Christian. Meanwhile in Bradford 52,135 children, forming 45 percent of the total, are Muslim, compared to 47,144 Christians. Leicester has 22,693 young Muslims compared to 18,190 Christian children. The London borough of Tower Hamlets has the biggest difference, with 62 percent of children being raised Muslim. Christians in the borough are significantly outnumbered by 34,597 to just 8,995.


Sughra Ahmed, president of the Islamic Society of Britain, told the Daily Mail that those numbers are likely to grow.

Islamic Culture and Ethics are beautifying many of the Urban cities of the World


“Despite what the media may project about the bad influence of Islam and Muslims in Europe and the West, the reality is that Muslims are beautifying the cities! In France there are more than 2,000 Masjids (doubled over the past 10 years); in the U.K. there are over 1,700 Masjids and 2,000 prayer halls. In 30 years the population of Muslims in the U.K. went from 82,000 to 2.5 million! Allah is the Greatest!!! Look at this beautiful Masjid Umar in Leicester, U.K.

Written by: Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick