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Indonesia set to lead in Islamic fashion


By: Kamis

Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sapta Nirwandar expressed optimism that Indonesia will soon become a trendsetter in Islamic fashion as its designers are capable of creating unique and creative works of fashion.

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Seven Habits that lead to Success (Video)


info-pictogram1 Seven Habits that lead to Success.

Patience through illness is an atonement that can lead to Paradise. Spare a moment to pray for the ill and aged.

gb copy Patience through illness is an atonement that can lead to Paradise. Spare a moment to pray for the ill and aged.
es copy Paciencia través de la enfermedad es una expiación que puede llevar al paraíso. Piezas de un momento para orar por los enfermos y los ancianos.
nl copy Geduld door ziekte is een verzoening die kan leiden tot het paradijs. Spaar een moment om te bidden voor de zieken en bejaarden.
fr copy Patience pour cause de maladie est une expiation qui peut conduire au Paradis. Épargner un moment pour prier pour les malades et les personnes âgées.
de copy Patience durch Krankheit ist eine Sühne, die ins Paradies führen kann. Ersatz einen Moment, um für Kranke zu beten und im Alter.
CN67867 Tōngguò nàixīn de jíbìng shì kěyǐ dǎozhì tiāntáng de shúzuì. Huā yīdiǎn shíjiān lái qíqiú bìng hé lǎonián.
Sweden Tålamod genom sjukdom är en försoning som kan leda till paradiset. Ägna en stund åt att be för sjuka och äldre.
rus7897 Terpeniye po bolezni yavlyayetsya iskupleniye , chto mozhet privesti k Rayu. Zapasnyye moment, chtoby molit’sya za bol’nykh i prestarelykh.
4523turkey Hastalık nedeniyle Sabır Paradise yol açabilecek bir kefaret olduğunu.Hasta ve yaşlı için dua etmek bir an yedek.
images Pazienza per malattia è una espiazione che può portare a Paradiso. Pezzi di un momento per pregare per i malati e anziani.
indonesiaID Kesabaran karena sakit adalah penebusan yang dapat menyebabkan Paradise. Spare sejenak untuk berdoa bagi orang sakit dan lanjut usia.

Controlling Thoughts in Islam

The first thing such a person should realize is that thoughts come from
multiple sources:
a) Inspiration from Allah (e.g., a thought about Allah’s unity)
b) Whispers from the Shaytan and his army of jinn (e.g., a thought that causes doubt in one’s
belief or centers around an act of disobedience)
c) Messages from hidden angels (e.g., a thought that centers around an act of obedience)
d) Everyday thoughts from the person’s own conscious (e.g., a thought about one’s relationship
with another human being); type (d) thoughts are usually affected by what the person sees, hears,
smells, tastes, touches, or feels inside.
It is also important to note that thoughts can be divided into five categories in relation to the state of the heart
that they lead to:
a) Thoughts that lead to wajib states of the heart (please refer to footnote 2674), such as loving
Allah and the Prophet (May Allah bless him and give him peace)
b) Thoughts that lead to mandub states of the heart, such as preferring others over oneself in
one’s heart
c) Thoughts that lead to mubah states of the heart, such as happiness or depression
d) Thoughts that lead to makruh states of the heart, such as miserliness of heart
e) Thoughts that lead to haram states of the heart (please refer to footnote 2646), such as
Bad thoughts above are only type (e) thoughts.
2619 There are two basic approaches to thought control:
a) Suppression (i.e. stopping the thought all together); this is the method taught by the teachers
of the Path and is the harder one to learn.
b) Redirection (i.e. to start thinking about something else (as the mind can concentrate on only
one major subject at a time)); this method is easy to learn and employ even by those who are not
travelling the Path.
2620 Learn the art of thought control. In order to learn thought control, the person must understand that a
complete thought consists of four parts:
a) A visualization of a subject
b) A visualization of a predicate
c) An affirmation of a link between the subject and predicate
d) A conviction/confirmation that the above link is true.
For example: So-and-so is a worthless-person. I believe it. Here, so-and-so is the subject. Worthless-person is
the predicate. Is is the word that affirms the link between the subject and predicate (this word may also be
implied and not mentioned (e.g., in a verbal sentence)). I believe it is the conviction or confirmation that the
link is true. These four parts make up the complete thought. These four parts do not happen simultaneously but
happen sequentially in time one after the other. In order to suppress thoughts, the person must learn how to
break this natural four-part process when it first starts (i.e. when the subject is first visualized in the mind). This
can be learned by constant day-long practice for about half-a-year or more (this is done by invoking a blank state
in the mind which crowds out the bad thought’s subject and predicate every single time the bad thought starts
occurring from the time the person wakes up until the time he goes back to sleep). Or it can be learned by
placing oneself in extremely difficult situations (e.g., supervised continuous solitary remembrance of Allah) for
a few days (as such will lead to a state of shock in which thoughts stop; then, the person can attempt to
constantly stay in this state of shock by repeating his previous difficult activity at fixed time intervals but in
lesser doses).
[As a side note, thoughts that distinguish one thing from another are called distinguishing thoughts. Thoughts
that center around physical things are called imaginative thoughts. Thoughts that center around non-physical
ideas are called abstract thought. Thoughts about past experiences are called memory-related thoughts.
Sequentially arranged thoughts are called contemplation. All of these types of thoughts can be suppressed and
completely stopped. Likewise, the mind can also be redirected away from all of these types of thoughts.]

(Source: Guiding Helper Maliki Fiqh Manual)

Being with good company (IMAGE)


A pure heart leads to good intentions. Good intentions lead to positive actions.

gb copy A pure heart leads to good intentions. Good intentions lead to positive actions.
es copy Un corazón puro conduce a las buenas intenciones. Las buenas intenciones conducen a acciones positivas.
nl copy Een zuiver hart leidt tot goede bedoelingen. Goede bedoelingen leiden tot positieve acties.
fr copy Un cœur pur conduit à de bonnes intentions. Les bonnes intentions conduisent à des actions positives.
de copy Ein reines Herz führt zu guten Absichten. Gute Absichten führen zu positiven Maßnahmen.
CN67867 Yīgè chúncuì de xīnzàng dǎozhì de hǎoyì. Hǎoxīn dài lái jījí de xíngdòng.
Sweden Ett rent hjärta leder till goda avsikter. Goda intentioner leda till positiva åtgärder.
rus7897 Chistoye serdtse privodit k blagikh namereniy. Blagiye namereniya vedut k pozitivnym deystviyam.
4523turkey Saf bir kalp iyi niyetlerle yol açar. İyi niyetler olumlu eylemlere yol.
images Un cuore puro conduce a buone intenzioni. Le buone intenzioni portano ad azioni positive.
indonesiaID Sebuah hati yang murni mengarah ke niat baik. Niat baik mengarah pada tindakan positif.

Only in love can we find our true meaning in life, everything else just leads to a dead end.

gb copy Only in love can we find our true meaning in life, everything else just leads to a dead end.
es copy Sólo en el amor podemos encontrar nuestro verdadero sentido de la vida, todo lo demás sólo conduce a un callejón sin salida.
nl copy Alleen in de liefde vinden we onze ware zin van het leven, al het andere leidt alleen maar tot een doodlopende weg.
fr copy Seulement en amour pouvons-nous trouver notre véritable sens de la vie, tout le reste mène juste à une impasse.
de copy Nur in der Liebe können wir unsere wahren Sinn im Leben zu finden, alles andere führt nur in eine Sackgasse.
CN67867 Zhǐyǒu ài, cáinéng zhǎodào wǒmen zhēnzhèng de shēngmìng yìyì, yīqiè zhǐshì dǎozhìle sǐhútòng.
Sweden Endast i kärlek kan vi finna vår sanna mening i livet, allt annat leder bara till en återvändsgränd.
rus7897 Tol’ko v lyubvi my mozhem nayti nash istinnyy smysl v zhizni , vse ostal’noye prosto privodit v tupik.
4523turkey Sadece aşık hayatta bizim gerçek anlamını bulabilirsiniz, her şey sadece bir çıkmaz yol açar.
images Solo in amore possiamo trovare il nostro vero significato della vita, tutto il resto porta solo ad un vicolo cieco.
indonesiaID Hanya cinta kita dapat menemukan makna sejati dalam hidup, segala sesuatu yang lain hanya mengarah ke jalan buntu.

You must lead by example, if you want people to treat you correctly, you must be the first one to love, trust & respect.

gb copy Vous devez donner l’exemple, si vous voulez que les gens vous traitent correctement, vous devez être le premier à l’amour, la confiance et le respect.
es copy Usted debe predicar con el ejemplo, si quieres que la gente te tratan correctamente, debe ser el primero en amor, confianza y respeto.
nl copy Je moet het goede voorbeeld geven, als je wilt dat mensen je correct behandelen, moet u de eerste zijn die liefde, vertrouwen en respect geeft.
fr copy Vous devez donner l’exemple, si vous voulez que les gens vous traitent correctement, vous devez être le premier à amour, la confiance et le respect.
de copy Sie müssen mit gutem Beispiel vorangehen, wenn man die Leute um Sie richtig behandeln wollen, müssen Sie der Erste, der Liebe, Vertrauen und Respekt sein.