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Documentary: The Synangogue of Satan – The Khazarian Conspiracy (Video)

info-pictogram1 The true and ONLY nature of the Zionist conspiracy. This documentary is known to be one of the most deleted on Youtube. From the book: The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel (Published in 1985).
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Subhana’llah: Fox (IMAGES)


info-pictogram1 A fox can run 30 miles per hour. Foxes have also been known to climb trees and settle on low branches.

Documentary: From Night Life To The Right Life (Video)

info-pictogram1 UK Apache was famously known for his hit single “Oringal Nuttah” R2I Media peeps in the footsteps of the former artist to see how he went from a true junglist MC to calling the adhan in the masjid.
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Hujrah Wahhaj: Story of an American Youth becoming a committed Muslimah (Video)

info-pictogram1 877-Why-Islam presents the story of Hujrah Wahhaj, a NY native and a passionate humanitarian, who has been recognized as one of the most dynamic, passionate, international powerhouses in her field. As a leading expert in Personal Relationship Development Coaching, Hujrah’s fiery techniques and innovative approach to personal development has proven ultimate success for her clients.

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Subhana’llah: Lamprocapnos (IMAGES)


info-pictogram1 Also known as the Heart Flower. Native Range: Siberia, Japan, northern China, Korea. This plant prefers moderate shade and rich, moist soils.

Arctic Beluga, better known as the White Whale (IMAGE)



info-pictogram1 The physical design of the whale is very complex, and it is why they are able to survive in the water. They depend on their flippers and their dorsal fins to help them move in the water and to stay balanced. They also have blowholes at the top of them where they take in air. Then they can be submerged under the water for a period of time before they need to take another breath. This is a characteristic of whales that definitely separates them from the majority of aquatic life out there.

It is better to wear your heart on your chest & be known for who you actually are, than to hide behind a wall of illusion.

gb copy It is better to wear your heart on your chest & be known for who you actually are, than to hide behind a wall of illusion.
es copy Es mejor llevar su corazón en su pecho y ser conocido por quien eres en realidad, de lo que se esconden detrás de una pared de la ilusión.
nl copy Het is beter om je hart te dragen op je borst en bekend worden voor wie je werkelijk bent, dan te verbergen achter een muur van de illusie.
fr copy Il est préférable de porter votre coeur sur votre poitrine et être connu pour qui vous êtes réellement, que de se cacher derrière un mur de l’illusion.
de copy Es ist besser, das Herz auf der Brust zu tragen und für die Sie tatsächlich bekannt sein, als hinter einer Wand der Illusion zu verbergen.
CN67867 Zhè shì gèng hǎo de chuān shàng nǐ de xīnzàng zài nǐ de xiōngbù hé bèi chēng wèi wèi nǐ jiùjìng shì shuí, ér bùshì duǒ zài qiáng cuòjué.
Sweden Det är bättre att bära ditt hjärta på bröstet och vara känd för vem du egentligen är, än att gömma sig bakom en mur av illusion.
rus7897 Luchshe nosit’ vashe serdtse na grudi i budet izvestno , kto vy yest’ na samom dele , chem pryatat’sya za stenu illyuziy.
4523turkey Bu sizin göğüs kalp giymek ve yanılsama bir duvarın arkasına saklanmak yerine, aslında kim için bilinen iyidir.
images E ‘meglio indossare il vostro cuore sul petto e farsi conoscere per quello che realmente sono, piuttosto che nascondersi dietro un muro di illusione.
indonesiaID Lebih baik untuk memakai hati Anda di dada Anda & dikenal untuk siapa Anda sebenarnya, daripada bersembunyi di balik dinding ilusi.



Have you ever heard of the smiling spiders? Theridion Grallator, also known as the happy face spider, is known for having a pattern of a smiley face or a clown grin on its back. These happy creatures live in rainforests and each spider has a unique pattern. It seems like spiders are not that scary after all.