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Ali Hammuda: Keep Your SINS a Secret & Do Not Publicize Them (Video)


info-pictogram1 The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, “All of my Ummah (Nation) may be forgiven for their sins, except for those who publicize them.

60 ways to keep your husband happy


By: Mufti Faraz al-Mahmudi


  1. After returning from work, school, travel, or whatever has separated you, begin with a good greeting.
  2. Meet him with a cheerful face.
  3. Put on clean clothes. Beautify and perfume yourself.
  4. Start with good news and delay any bad news until he has rested.
  5. Receive him with loving and yearning sentences.
  6. Beautify and Soften the Voice (for your husband only, it shouldn’t be used in front of non-mahram men).
  7. Take good care of your body and fitness.
  8. Bath regularly and, after the monthly period.
  9. Avoid that your husband observes you in dirty clothes or rough shape.
  10. Avoid prohibited types of ornamentation, e.g. tattoo.
  11. Use the types of perfumes, colours, and clothes that your husband likes.
  12. Change hair style, perfumes, etc. from time to time. However,avoid excessiveness and, of course,only act as such in front of mahram men and women.
  13. Hasten for intimacy when husband feels compulsion for it.
  14. Exchange loving phrases with your husband.
  15. Be satisfied with what Allah has allotted.
  16. Remember that real wealth lays in Iman and piety.
  17. Do not be depressed because your husband is poor or works in a simple job. Look at poor, sick, and handicapped people and remember Allah for all that is given to you.
  18. Do not ask your husband for many unnecessary things.
  19. Asceticism does not mean not to enjoy what is good and permissible (Halal), but it means that one should look forward to the hereafter and utilize whatever Allah gave them to achieve paradise (Jannah).
  20. Encourage your husband to reduce expenses and save some money in order to give charity and feed poor and needy people.
  21. Be grateful to your husband.
  22. If you are grateful, your husband will love you more and will do his best to please you in more ways.
  23. If you are ungrateful, your husband will be disappointed and will start asking himself: Why should I do good to her, if she never appreciates? Avoid such situations.
  24. Always remain loyal to him.
  25. Compliance to him, particularly in times of calamities in your husband’s body or business, e.g. an accident or a bankruptcy
  26. Support him through your own work, money, and properties if needed.
  27. Follow him in all what he commands you, unless it is prohibited (Haram). In Islam, the husband is the leader of the family, and the wife is his support and consultant.
  28. Try to avoid what will guarantee his anger.
  29. Please him if he is angry.
  30. If you are mistaken, then apologize.
  31. If he is mistaken then keep still instead of arguing or yield your right. Wait until he is no longer angry and discuss the matter peacefully with him.
  32. If he was angry because of external reasons then keep silent until his anger goes away.
  33. Find excuses for him, e.g. tired, problems at work, someone insulted him, etc.
  34. Do not ask many questions or insist on knowing about what happened, (e.g. you should tell me what happened? … I must know what made you so angry… You are hiding something, and I have the right to know.)
  35. Protect yourself from any prohibited relationships.
  36. Keep the secrets of the family, particularly bedroom talks and things that your husband doesn’t like other people to know.
  37. Take care of the house and children.
  38. Take care of his money and properties.
  39. Do not go out of your house without his permission; go out in appropriate dress.
  40. Refuse people whom he does not like to come over.
  41. Do not allow any non-mahram man to be alone with you in any place.
  42. Be good to his parents and relatives. Welcome his guests.
  43. Avoid problems with his relatives as much as you can.
  44. Avoid putting him in a position where he has to choose between his mother and his wife.
  45. Show good hospitality for his guests by arranging a nice place for them to sit in, perfection of food, etc.
  46. Encourage him to visit his relatives and invite them to your home.
  47. Phone his parents and sisters, send letters to them, buy gifts for them, support them in calamities, etc..
  48. Do not follow or create unfounded doubts.
  49. Jealousy is a sign for wife’s love for her husband but it should be kept within the limits of Islam, e.g. not insulting or backbiting others, disrespecting them, etc..
  50. Be patient when you face poverty, strained circumstances and hardships (such as calamities and disasters that may happen to you, your husband, your children, relatives or properties, e.g. diseases, accidents, death, getting fired, etc.
  51. Cooperate with your husband and remind him of different obligatory and voluntary worships.
  52. Encourage him to pray at night. Listen and recite the Quran individually and with your husband. Remember Allah much, particularly after Fajr and before Maghrib.
  53. Learn Islamic rules (ahkam) and good manners (adab) for women.
  54. Support your husband’s activities by encouraging him, offering wise opinions, soothing his pains, etc.
  55. Keep house clean, decorated and well arranged.
  56. Prepare tasty and healthy foods.
  57. Learn all the necessary skills for managing the house, e.g. sewing.
  58. Learn how to raise children properly and in an Islamic way.
  59. Do not spend from his money, even for charity without his permission unless you are sure that he agrees on this.
  60. Keep the children in good shape, clean clothes, etc. Take care of their nutrition, health, education, manners, etc. Teach them Islam and tell them the stories of the Prophets and companions.
May Allah fill our homes and hearts with tranquillity, love and mercy now and forever, aamin.

Britain decides to keep on arming Israel

A Palestinian man inspects the remains of a police center, which witnesses said was destroyed during the Israeli offensive

The remains of a police station attacked by Israel in Rafah, southern Gaza; Britain has manufactured many components of Israeli weaponry. (Abed Rahim Khatib / APA images)

By: Charlotte Silver


Britain remains determined to keep on arming Israel, judging by a decision taken by one of the most senior figures in the UK government this week.

Vince Cable, the business secretary, has reviewed 130 licenses granted for exporting British weapons to Israel. On Tuesday, he announced that just twelve of these licenses would be suspended “in the event of a resumption of significant hostilities.”

This means that if the current “truce” between Israel and Hamas holds, then Britain will deliver all the military equipment that Israel has ordered. Israel will be able to prepare for its next offensive against Gaza, with the aid of British weaponry.

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Cursing our own children has serious long term negative effects. Rather keep praying for their goodness without losing hope.

gb copy Cursing our own children has serious long term negative effects. Rather keep praying for their goodness without losing hope.
es copy Maldiciendo a nuestros propios hijos tiene graves efectos negativos a largo plazo. En lugar de seguir orando por su bondad sin perder la esperanza.
nl copy Vervloeken onze eigen kinderen heeft ernstige lange termijn negatieve effecten. In plaats blijven bidden voor hun goedheid, zonder de hoop te verliezen.
fr copy Maudire nos propres enfants a des effets graves à long terme négatives. Garder plutôt prier pour leur bonté sans perdre espoir.
de copy Fluchend unsere eigenen Kinder hat gravierende langfristige negative Auswirkungen. Vielmehr bete für ihre Güte, ohne die Hoffnung zu verlieren.
CN67867 Mà wǒmen zìjǐ de háizi yǒu yánzhòng de chángqí de fùmiàn yǐngxiǎng. Ér bùduàn qíqiú tāmen de shànliáng yòu bù shī xīwàng.
Sweden Förbanna våra egna barn har allvarliga långsiktiga negativa effekter. Snarare hålla be för deras godhet utan att förlora hoppet.
rus7897 Proklinaya nashikh sobstvennykh detey imeyet ser’yeznyye dolgosrochnyye negativnyye posledstviya. Skoreye prodolzhat’ molit’sya za ikh dobrotu , ne teryaya nadezhdu.
4523turkey Kendi çocukları küfür ciddi uzun vadeli olumsuz etkileri vardır. Aksine umut kaybetmeden onların iyiliği için dua etmeye devam.
images Maledicendo i nostri figli ha gravi effetti negativi a lungo termine. Piuttosto continuare a pregare per la loro bontà, senza perdere la speranza.
indonesiaID Mengutuk anak-anak kita sendiri memiliki efek negatif serius jangka panjang. Sebaliknya terus berdoa untuk kebaikan mereka tanpa kehilangan harapan.

You must walk through fear & keep walking, he who holds his head high, while dark clouds surround, finds his way home.

gb copy You must walk through fear & keep walking, he who holds his head high, while dark clouds surround, finds his way home.
es copy Tienes que caminar a través del miedo y seguir caminando, el que tiene la cabeza en alto, mientras que las nubes oscuras rodean, encuentra su camino a casa.
nl copy Je moet lopen door angst en blijven lopen, hij die zijn hoofd hoog houdt, terwijl donkere wolken omringen, vindt zijn weg naar huis.
fr copy Vous devez marcher par la peur et continuer à marcher, lui qui tient la tête haute, alors que les nuages ​​sombres entourent, trouve son chemin de la maison.
de copy Sie müssen durch die Angst zu gehen und weitergehen, er, den Kopf hoch hält, während die dunklen Wolken umgeben, findet seinen Weg nach Hause.
CN67867 Nǐ bìxū zǒuguò de kǒngjù yǔ jiānchí zǒu xiàqù, tā shuí yǒngyǒu tā de tóu gāo, ér wūyún huánrào, zhǎodào huí jiā de lù.
Sweden Du måste gå igenom rädsla och fortsätta att gå, den som håller huvudet högt, medan mörka moln omger, finner sin väg hem.
rus7897 Vy dolzhny idti cherez strakh i prodolzhat’ idti , tot, kto derzhit golovu vysoko, v to vremya kak temnyye tuchi okruzhayut , nakhodit svoy ​​put’ domoy.
4523turkey Sen korkuyla yürümek ve yürümeye tutmalısınız, karanlık bulutlar çevreleyen iken, yüksek başını tutan o, evinin yolu bulur.
images È necessario camminare attraverso la paura e continuare a camminare, lui che tiene la testa alta, mentre nuvole scure circondano, trova la sua strada di casa.
indonesiaID Anda harus berjalan melalui ketakutan & terus berjalan, dia yang memegang kepalanya tinggi, sementara awan gelap mengelilingi, menemukan jalan pulang.