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A Warning from History for the Google Translate Generation

The decline of language skills threatens the study of the past. And machines won’t come to the rescue.


By: Michael Pollitt


The UK education system is failing to produce enough students with foreign language skills, an indispensable tool for the study of history. Research published in June this year by the Confederation of British Industry revealed that one in five schools in England had a persistently low take-up of languages, after what the government is describing as ‘a decade of damaging decline’. This slump has taken its toll on the university system. In the past 15 years more than a third of UK universities stopped offering specialist modern European language degrees, arguing that rigorous marking at A-level had deterred teenagers from studying languages at school.

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UK media caught stirring up extremist hatred on Muslim internet forum


By: Tom Pride


The following comment was posted on an online chat forum for Muslims yesterday inviting responses:


Some of the other members of the forum became suspicious by the strange comment and decided to check the new member’s ISP address:


More up-to-date checks of the ISP address by other members of the forum showed the comment was posted by someone working at the Daily Mail Group (the Evening Standard used to be part of the Daily Mail Group):


The whole thread has now been deleted from the forum but it can still be viewed on Google’s webcache here.

So it seems the Daily Mail ordered one of their journalists to pose as an extremist on a Muslim forum to try to elicit comments they could use for an anti-Muslim story.

Fortunately they were busted.

In a civilized society, a national newspaper journalist trying to stir up hatred and controversy with lies and subterfuge should be so professionally shameful it would normally lead to the sack for the hack concerned and investigations into standards of journalistic accountability at the publication.

Social Media and The Internet


At just six years old twitter has taken the world by storm. It is the word on everyone’s lips and is more popular than a girl in high school can ever wish to be. However, twitter is just one child of the family we know as social media.

Social media is a term that is familiar to most people. According to the Oxford dictionary the definition of social media is: “websites and applications that enable users to share content or to participate in social networking.” Even if a person has never experienced it they know what it is. It has revolutionized our means of communication and continues to grow every day. Social media has many children including Facebook, MySpace, Whatsapp, Friendster, Blackberry messenger (BBM) and the likes.

Of course social media would not exist without its grandfather the internet. Many of us cannot live without the internet. This is where we get our recipes, news, tips, ideas and it can even tell us a scientific fact if we need one. The internet provides us with a lot of information and basically anything that we need. In order to use social media we need the internet or rather an internet connection. Some people have such a strong connection with the internet that it is impossible to separate them from it!

Teenagers are known to live on social networking sites and typically vent their feelings, ideas and experiences.  Social media and the internet has become a platform that provides an easy way to learn about anything and everything, be it what a celebrity is having for lunch, whether the electionshave begun or how many assignments your friends have gotten. It is a quick and convenient way of staying in touch with those you know and even those you don’t know.

Social media and the internet provide us with a lot of benefits. Instead of going to the store to buy a dress for my cousin’s wedding, I can now order one online from the comfort of my bedroom. For many people it makes it a lot easier ( and cheaper) to communicate with their loved ones, sending you parents or you wife/husband a loving message can brighten up a day and cause them to smile.

Want to share how happy you are with the world? No problem, just log on to your nearest available social media app and let everyone know what you think. Social media and the internet has become a powerful tool, in fact you’re making use of it right now!

Dangers of social Media:


Now for the dangers of social media and I know that you’re tempted to skip past it because you might have heard it a thousand times before, but please don’t. This just informs you of what can happen if too much time and effort is spent on sites that are about as addicting as chocolate. Many parents are searching far and wide for solutions for their children to spend more time with them rather than on the internet. Their pleas and worries are not in vain. Recent studies have shown that nearly half of 16 to 19 year olds log onto Facebook every single month while 26% of them use Twitter ever month.

As regular users of these social media platforms we care about the opinions of others and what they will think off the words we post, we also rely on others and their opinions. This can destroy our ability to think critically and causes us to become lazy because instead of formulating our own opinions we look at what others are saying. A lot of advice is offered on these sites and while many are informative and helpful we may also fall prey to harmful and dangerous advice. It is important to stick to your values and what you know as right and wrong.

Social media has become so convenient for us because it doesn’t require effort or a shower; it doesn’t even nag or whine to us. It has become part of our everyday lives. So while you should enjoy your social networking rememberto be responsible. Also remember that your mom told you to never respond to messages from strangers…or was that never accept rides from strangers? Oh well, you know what I mean.

Happy blogging, tweeting, posting and whatever else you can do!


Mouches Voltanes



Those things you see in your eyes when you stare into space are called Mouches Voltanes.



In this age of ours, we see that usage of the internet has become widespread. This (internet) has granted people a means through which they write without being known.  Yet, the fact that a person can write while remaining hidden in name and person may cause them to develop the feeling that they are not under watch. And consequently, they cannot be called to account by any ruler, judge or police.

Here, the reality of one’s īmān is truly revealed. As for he who fears Allāh, he would never be audacious enough to write something that he knows will anger Allāh subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He), such as attacking the honor of a believer and recklessly speaking according to one’s whims.

At this point, the extent of one’s fear of Allāh is also shown because if you write whatever you like to write, the leader, ruler, judge or security personnel will not be able to reach you if they actually wanted to. So the only remaining matter here is that which is between the slave and his Lord. So if the slave desires to know their level of fear of Allāh, then this is one of the times in which true fear of Allāh, ta’ala, can be tested.

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