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Speakers Corner: Programmed = Creator (Video)

info-pictogram1 Throughout the history of the world, the majority of people have believed in God. There seems to be something built in the human mind that makes us want to believe.

Over the last decade some really startling facts have been found that show that children have an innate belief in God. Dr Justin Barrett, a senior researcher at the University of Oxford Centre for Anthropology and Mind, states:

“The preponderance of scientific evidence for the past 10 years or so has shown that a lot more seems to be built into the natural development of children’s minds than we once thought, including a predisposition to see the natural world as designed and purposeful and that some kind of intelligent being is behind that purpose…’

He adds that “If we threw a handful [of children] on an island and they raised themselves…they would believe in God’.. To put it simply, his answer as to why anyone would believe in God is that, our minds are designed to do so . Disbelief in God is something which is unnatural to the human being. Oxford University development psychologist Dr Olivera Petrovich, who is an expert in the Psychology of Religion states that, belief in God develops naturally and that ‘atheism is definitely an acquired position’.
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How I’m Trying to Raise 8 Intelligent, God-Conscious Children: Interview with Sharifah Mastura Al Jifri



I’d met the eldest daughter at law school: a hafidhah who was fluent in English, Arabic and Malay, a bright student who’d studied 3 different syllabuses and was a remarkably disciplined girl for her age. When she told me all her other 7 siblings were or are becoming huffaadh and were being educated and brought up like she was too, I couldn’t wait to meet their wonder mom.

When I first met their amazing mother Sharifah Mastura Al Jifri – a petite, serene Singaporean woman; and the rest of her beautiful children at their house; I knew I’d never seen an entire productive family like this one in my life, mashaAllah.

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The God Confusion: Order by chance



Solving a Rubik’s Cube is considered a difficult task, even for the most intelligent people.

Now imagine a blind man, trying to order the scrambled faces of a Rubik’s Cube. He doesn’t know whether any twist he gives the cube brings him closer to or further from his goal. How likely is it for him to solve the cube by chance alone?

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Atheist LOGIC


Suppose you find a watch in the middle of a desert. What would you conclude? Would you think that someone dropped this watch? Or would you suppose that the watch came by itself?

If your answer is, “That watch came by itself.”

I have no option but to call you a LUNATIC.

Of course no sane person would say that the watch just happened to emerge from the sand. All the intricate working parts could not simply develop from the metals that lay buried in the earth. The watch must have a manufacturer. If a watch tells accurate time we expect the manufacturer must be intelligent. Blind chance cannot produce a working watch.

The creator who gave us light, energy, protection and beauty the only one who deserves our worship. Yet some people insist that he does not exist. What would they think if they found a watch in the desert? An accurate, working watch? A beautifully designed watch? Would they not conclude that there does exist a watchmaker? An intelligent watchmaker? One who appreciates beauty? Such is God who made us.”


An intelligent person knows that there is something to be learned from everyone.

gb copy An intelligent person knows that there is something to be learned from everyone.
es copy Una persona inteligente sabe que hay algo que aprender de todos.
nl copy Een intelligent persoon weet dat er iets te leren van iedereen.
fr copy Une personne intelligente sait qu’il ya quelque chose à apprendre de tout le monde.
de copy Ein intelligenter Mensch weiß, dass es etwas gibt, von jedem erlernt werden.
CN67867 Yīgè cōngmíng de rén dōu zhīdào, yǒu yīxiē dōngxi shì cóng měi gèrén de jiàoxun.
Sweden En intelligent person vet att det finns något att lära av alla.
rus7897 Razumnyy chelovek znayet, chto yest’ chemu pouchit’sya ot vsekh.
4523turkey Akıllı bir kişi herkesten öğrenilecek bir şey olduğunu bilir.
images Una persona intelligente sa che c’è qualcosa da imparare da tutti.
indonesiaID Orang yang cerdas tahu bahwa ada sesuatu yang harus dipelajari dari semua orang.

Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution.

gb copy Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution.
es copy La excelencia no es un accidente. Siempre es el resultado de la alta intención, esfuerzo sincero y la ejecución inteligente.
nl copy Excellence is nooit een ongeval. Het is altijd het resultaat van hoge intentie, oprechte poging, en intelligente uitvoering.
fr copy L’excellence n’est jamais un accident. Il est toujours le résultat d’une grande intention, l’effort sincère, et l’exécution intelligente.
de copy Excellence ist nie ein Unfall. Es ist immer das Ergebnis hoher Ziele, aufrichtiger Bemühungen, intelligenter und Ausführung.
CN67867 Zhuóyuè jué bùshì ǒurán de. Tā shǐzhōng shì gāo yìxiàng, zhēnchéng de nǔlì, yǐjí zhìnéng de zhí háng jiéguǒ.
Sweden Excellence är aldrig en olycka. Det är alltid ett resultat av hög avsikt, uppriktiga ansträngningar, och intelligent utförande.
rus7897 Совершенство не бывает случайным. Это всегда результат высокого намерения, искренние усилия и интеллектуальный исполнения.
4523turkey Mükemmellik bir kaza asla. Her zaman yüksek niyet, samimi çaba ve akıllı yürütme sonucudur.
images L’eccellenza non è mai un incidente. E ‘sempre il risultato di alto intenzione, sforzo sincero, e l’esecuzione intelligente.
indonesiaID Keunggulan tidak pernah kecelakaan. Ini selalu merupakan hasil dari niat yang tinggi, usaha yang tulus, dan eksekusi yang cerdas.