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Documentary: 101 East – Indonesia’s Rock Governor (Video)

info-pictogram1 We go behind the scenes with the man tipped to become Indonesia’s next president — governor of Jakarta, Joko Widodo. Joko Widodo, known as Jokowi, is a man on a mission. Since he was elected governor of Jakarta in October 2012, he has undertaken a gruelling daily schedule in his efforts to make the city more liveable for its 10 million residents. The 52-year-old’s seemingly bottomless reserves of energy have been put to the test – Jakarta has no shortage of pressing issues – but his efforts are paying dividends. Everywhere Jokowi goes, people swarm around him. His popularity has risen so rapidly that he is tipped to become Indonesia’s next president when elections are held in July.
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Instead of lamenting on the negative attitude of the media, look for an entry and find a way to insert Islam in the media.

gb copy Instead of lamenting on the negative attitude of the media, look for an entry and find a way to insert Islam in the media.
es copy En vez de lamentar la actitud negativa de los medios de comunicación, busque una entrada y encontrar una manera de insertar Islam en los medios de comunicación.
nl copy In plaats van te klagen over de negatieve houding van de media, op zoek naar een ingang en een manier vinden om de islam in de media te plaatsen.
fr copy Au lieu de se lamenter sur l’attitude négative des médias, recherchez une entrée et trouver un moyen d’insérer l’Islam dans les médias.
de copy Statt zu jammern, auf der negativen Haltung der Medien, suchen Sie nach einem Eintrag und einen Weg finden, den Islam in den Medien ein.
CN67867 Xiāngfǎn, gǎntàn duì méitǐ de fùmiàn tàidù, xúnzhǎo yīgè tiáomù, bìng zhǎodào yīzhǒng fāngfǎ, zài méitǐ jiāng yīsīlán jiào.
Sweden I stället för att beklaga den negativa attityden av medierna, leta efter en post och hitta ett sätt att sätta in islam i media.
rus7897 Vmesto stenaniy po povodu negativnogo otnosheniya SMI , naydite zapis’ i nayti sposob , chtoby vstavit’ islam v SMI.
4523turkey Bunun yerine medya olumsuz tutum ağıtlar arasında bir girdi için bakmak ve medyada İslam’ı eklemek için bir yol bulmak.
images Invece di lamentarsi per l’atteggiamento negativo dei media, cercare una voce e trovare un modo per inserire l’Islam nei media.
indonesiaID Alih-alih meratapi pada sikap negatif media, mencari entri dan menemukan cara untuk memasukkan Islam di media.

Eid from Indonesia (IMAGE)


Eid from Indonesia, ma’sha’Allah! 2014. Allahu Akbar!

Heard of Blue Flames? Here’s Blue Lava (IMAGES)


info-pictogram1 Photographer Olivier Grunewald lost two lenses and a camera in pursuit of these otherworldly images of an Indonesian sulfur mine called Kawah Ijen, but that hardship is nothing compared to the job of the miners, who hike to the top of the peak, descend 660 feet into its crater, then pick up chunks of raw sulfur and slog them back up to the rim in a pair of baskets that hold 100 to 200 pounds.

Sulfur becomes molten at temps just over the boiling point of water and turns into the spectral blue lava you see here. Conditions in the crater aren’t actually hot enough for the sulfur to self-combust — it turns molten when miners drop their torches.

If you’ve ever been around a hot spring, you can only imagine the smell. Grunewald wore a gas mask for his shots (and threw away his clothes afterward), while few of the miners had any such protection. And should you ever find yourself there, careful where you step — that lake is sulfuric acid.

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