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Palestinians in East Jerusalem live their daily lives under the brutality of Israeli occupation. However, their suffering is ignored by most of the western media. Palestinians in East Jerusalem face expulsion from the city, home demolitions, freedom of movement restrictions, surveillance, and violence from settlers and soldiers. This is in addition to illegal settlement building on their land.

It is through measures such as these – all violations of international law – that Israel is attempting to ethnically cleanse East Jerusalem of its Palestinian population. Israel’s stated goal is to establish and maintain the whole of Jerusalem as its capital.

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Ghana’s talented but ignored inventors

A father and his pilot son in a country with no history of manufacturing are making products that will stun the world.



Accra, Ghana – Imagine having a television set that comes on after an effortless clap or by blowing air; picture yourself in a car that is engineless and starts with a simple push of a button tucked to your dress; or a change-over-machine that speaks and tells you where exactly a fire or electrical fault is in your home.

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The ceasefire ended in Gaza

Palestinian calls for fire-fighters to extinguish a fire which police said was caused by an Israeli tank's shelling in the industrial area in the east of Gaza City

By: Mohammed Zeyara

The ceasefire ended in Gaza. Israel did not accept Hamas’s requirements. In-fact, most sources say that Israel “ignored” and did not even reply during the last hour of ceasefire. Its been an hour only since war has started again. Israel already murdered a grandmother, a female infant, and a young man.

Our friends in Gaza, please stay safe. May God protect you all and give you a near victory.


It is not God’s fault that you lost your way, God shines brightly, it is you who covered your eyes & ignored the signs!

gb copy It is not God’s fault that you lost your way, God shines brightly, it is you who covered your eyes & ignored the signs!
es copy No es culpa de Dios que ha perdido su camino, Dios brilla, son ustedes los que cubren sus ojos y caso omiso de las señales!
nl copy Het is niet Gods schuld dat je de weg kwijt, God schijnt fel, het is u die bedekt je ogen en negeerde de borden!
fr copy Ce n’est pas la faute de Dieu que vous avez perdu votre chemin, Dieu brille, c’est vous qui a couvert les yeux et ignoré les signes!
de copy Es ist nicht Gottes Schuld, dass Sie den Weg verloren, Gott scheint hell, es ist ihr, die Augen fallen und die Zeichen ignoriert!
CN67867 Zhè bùshì shàngdì de cuò, nǐ shīqùle nǐ de lù, shén zhàoyào, tā shì nǐ shuí zhīfù nǐ de yǎnjīng hé hūlüè de jīxiàng!
Sweden Det är inte Guds fel att du förlorat din väg, Gud lyser starkt, det är du som täckte ögonen och ignorerade skyltarna!
rus7897 Eto ne Bozh’ya vina, chto vy poteryali svoy put’ , Bog svetit yarko , eto vy, kto zakryl vashi glaza i proignoriroval znaki!
4523turkey Bu gözlerinizi kapalı ve işaretleri gözardı kim, Allah pırıl parlar, size yol kaybettiği Tanrı’nın suçu değil!
images Non è colpa di Dio, che hai perso la tua strada, Dio brilla, è lei che ha coperto gli occhi e ignorare i segni!
indonesiaID Itu bukan kesalahan Tuhan bahwa Anda kehilangan cara Anda, Tuhan bersinar cerah, Andalah yang menutupi mata Anda & mengabaikan tanda-tanda!

War numbers Palestine and Israel since 2000 (IMAGE)