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The unholy, anti-Muslim pact of Buddhist and Hindu fanatics


By: Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam

Now it is official. Extremist Buddhists and Hindus are forming a grand alliance against Muslims in South Asia. What damage they can cause Muslims is not really known, beyond a cowardly attack on Muslims here and a riot there.

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Ex-Hindu, Ameer Sharma, Finds Islam


This video includes an interesting speech by an ex-Hindu brother Ameer Sharma, who was guided to the message of Islam by a Muslim preacher. In this video, he pointed out that his family and his all ancestors were Hindu and strongly committed to Hinduism, rather, they were priests and religious leaders since centuries after centuries. During his journey of faith, he came to meet a Muslim preacher who proved to him with clear and convincing evidence that Allah exists. The proofs were so evident that convinced him that the existence of Allah is as crystal clear as the existence a table and chair in front of him. Also he was led through the plain proofs that the Glorious Qur’an is the literal word of Allah (Glory be to Him). He told his mother, an orthodox Hindu, by practice and faith about his belief and expressed his satisfaction with those proofs, she was surprised and said: “Have you really, got proofs about the existence of God?” Brother Ameer Sharma has pointed out that his family is an observant of vegetarian method of food that is widespread among Hindus. He has addressed the subject of veil (Hijab) in Islam, he also spoke about the importance of concentration in prayer, and how he was blessed with this spiritual bliss. Brother Ameer Sharma also recognizes that his conversion to Islam was a shock to his family because they were strict adherents of Hinduism, but he was characterized with courage in the expression of his conviction truthfully and honestly. He has cited some Qur’anic verses in his interesting talk, viewing that he felt peace and tranquility in Islam. I think that this video is enough to encourage our Hindu brothers to read about Islam that needs a high level of moral courage. I pray Allah the Almighty to guide us all to the straight path, and help us to follow the foot steps of this brave brother in examining the truth of Islam.

Women’s head coverings of different religions


Dear sisters, do you know that so much of the whole world actually “wears Hijab?!” YES! The earth is surrounded by the atmosphere and ozone layer. Fresh fruits have peels on them. The sword is preserved in a sheath. An ink pen would dry without a cap. We put paperback and hardback covers on our books. A pen would be thrown away because it became dry and useless without its cap. An apple without a peel becomes rotten. A banana without a peel would change colors. And a woman is a beautiful flower which every one wishes to pick so she should cover herself with the beautiful hiijab. Subhan’Allah, the world is wearing hijab, what about you?


The symbol was brought to the U.S. by Bayard Rustin, a U.S. civil rights protester, who had participated in the Aldermaston march. The peace sign was first used in the United States later in the same year when a pacifist protestor, Albert Bigelow, sailed his small boat near a scheduled U.S. nuclear test site displaying the CND banner. It was later used on civil rights marches and appeared at anti-Vietnam War demonstrations.

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