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Proof that ISIS-Daesh is from the Al-Chawaaridj (Video)

Hadith: Ibn Abu 3afwa (RA) said: “I heard the Prophet saying,” The Khawaarij are the dogs of hell fire “(Sahih).

Source/This video is spoken arabic, please can somebody translate this video? JazakAllah Khair.

Suicide in Islam

Narrated Anas bin Malik: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “None of you should wish for death because of a calamity befalling him; but if he has to wish for death, he should say: “O Allah! Keep me alive as long as life is better for me, and let me die if death is better for me.’ ”
Sahih Al-Bukhari – Book 70 Hadith 575

Narrated Thabit bin Ad Dahhak: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Whoever intentionally swears falsely by a religion other than Islam, then he is what he has said, (e.g. if he says, ‘If such thing is not true then I am a Jew,’ he is really a Jew). And whoever commits suicide with piece of iron will be punished with the same piece of iron in the Hell Fire.” Narrated Jundab, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “A man was inflicted with wounds and he committed suicide, and so Allah said: My slave has caused death on himself hurriedly, so I forbid Paradise for him.”
Sahih Al-Bukhari – Book 23 Hadith 445

Narrated Qais bin Abi Hazim: We went to pay a visit to Khabbab (who was sick) and he had been branded (cauterized) at seven places in his body. He said, “Our companions who died (during the lifetime of the Prophet) left (this world) without having their rewards reduced through enjoying the pleasures of this life, but we have got (so much) wealth that we find no way to spend it except on the construction of buildings. Had the Prophet (peace be upon him) not forbidden us to wish for death, I would have wished for it.” We visited him for the second time while he was building a wall. He said, “A Muslim is rewarded (in the Hereafter) for whatever he spends except for something that he spends on building.”
Sahih Al-Bukhari – Book 70 Hadith 576

Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Whoever purposely throws himself from a mountain and kills himself, will be in the (Hell) Fire falling down into it and abiding therein perpetually forever; and whoever drinks poison and kills himself with it, he will be carrying his poison in his hand and drinking it in the (Hell) Fire wherein he will abide eternally forever; and whoever kills himself with an iron weapon, will be carrying that weapon in his hand and stabbing his abdomen with it in the (Hell) Fire wherein he will abide eternally forever.”
Sahih Al-Bukhari – Book 71 Hadith 670

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A dua for freedom from the fire


Allahumma inni asbahtu ush’hiduka wa ush’hidu hamalata ‘arshika wa malaikataka wa jami’a khalqika annaka Antallahu la ilaha illa Anta Wahdaka la shar?ka laka wa anna Muhammad-an ‘Abduka wa Rasuluk  (4 times)

(Note: In the evenings, recite: amsaytu instead of asbahtu)

O Allah (SWT)! As morning dawns upon me, I bear testimony before You and before the angels who carry Your Throne and all Your angels and all of Your creation that truly, You are Allah (SWT), there is no god but You, The One and Only God without any partner, and that truly, Muhammad is Your special devotee and Your Prophetic Messenger.

Allahumma inni asbahtu ush-hiduka. . .

Abu Daud narrated that Anas bin Malik said that the Prophet (pbuh) said:

“When one says, Allahumma inni asbahtu ushhiduka, wa ushhidu hamamalata ‘arshika… (until the end of the dua), Allah (SWT) will free a quarter of him from the fire, and if he recites it twice Allah (SWT) will free half of him, and if he recites it three times Allah (SWT) will free three quarters of him, and if he recites it four times [Allah (SWT) will] free him from the fire.”

Listen to the recitation here: Allahumma inni asbahtu usyhiduka

Allah (SWT) has made things so easy for us, something as so light on the tongue like this simple dua and yet it is filled with so much benefit.  It would be a shame not to commit this dua to memory and act upon it each day.  May Allah (SWT) give us all the ability.  Amin.


Hell is a consequence of our choices


Hell is a consequence of our choices and not a “scary
tactic” by Allah. Hell is a gradual, eventual deterioration if you go against the way you were designed. Those who don’t believe in it still know exactly what it is. And those who don’t believe in Hell
still want justice for every crime on the planet, because inherently
we want wrongs to be righted.
So Hell is also a place for those who have perverted justice — and secretly, everyone do want this.
Only sensitive Westerners with a pseudo-political-correctness have
a problem with it, until it involves injustice against their family.

May Allah protect us from Hell and grant us Jannah…
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