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How should a Muslim responds to haters?


When you speak with hate specially with a hater you actually go against the teaching of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Quran. When we read about the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) we found that how hard his life was among non-believer when he was only to believe in Allah. He has been stoned but never looked back with harsh look..

Let spreading this good teaching.

UK media caught stirring up extremist hatred on Muslim internet forum


By: Tom Pride


The following comment was posted on an online chat forum for Muslims yesterday inviting responses:


Some of the other members of the forum became suspicious by the strange comment and decided to check the new member’s ISP address:


More up-to-date checks of the ISP address by other members of the forum showed the comment was posted by someone working at the Daily Mail Group (the Evening Standard used to be part of the Daily Mail Group):


The whole thread has now been deleted from the forum but it can still be viewed on Google’s webcache here.

So it seems the Daily Mail ordered one of their journalists to pose as an extremist on a Muslim forum to try to elicit comments they could use for an anti-Muslim story.

Fortunately they were busted.

In a civilized society, a national newspaper journalist trying to stir up hatred and controversy with lies and subterfuge should be so professionally shameful it would normally lead to the sack for the hack concerned and investigations into standards of journalistic accountability at the publication.

Don’t treat negative feedback as “haters gonna hate”. Search for points of improvement and kill the ego.

gb copy Don’t treat negative feedback as “haters gonna hate”. Search for points of improvement and kill the ego.
es copy No trate la retroalimentación negativa como “enemigos que van a odiar”. Búsqueda de puntos de mejora y matar al ego.
nl copy Niet behandelen negatieve feedback als “haters die gaan haten”. Zoeken naar verbeterpunten en dood de ego.
fr copy Ne pas traiter la rétroaction négative comme “haineux allant détester”. Rechercher des points d’amélioration et de tuer l’ego.
de copy Sie negatives Rück behandeln nicht als “Haters Gonna Hate”. Suche nach Verbesserungspunkte und töten die Ego.
CN67867 Bùyào bǎ fùmiàn de fǎnkuì, “chóudí huì tǎoyàn”. Sōusuǒ de gǎijìn diǎn, bìng shā sǐle zìwǒ.
Sweden Behandla inte negativ feedback som “haters gonna hate”. Sök efter punkter förbättring och döda egot.
rus7897 Ne otnosites’ k otritsatel’noy obratnoy svyazi , kak ” nenavistniki voznenavidyat ” . Iskat’ tochek uluchsheniya i ubit’ ego.
4523turkey “kinci kimse nefret yapacağız” olarak negatif geribildirim tedavi etmeyin. Iyileştirme noktaları aramak ve ego öldürmek.
images Non trattare le risposte negative come “nemici gonna hate”. Ricerca di punti di miglioramento e uccidere l’ego.
indonesiaID Jangan memperlakukan umpan balik negatif sebagai “pembenci gonna hate”. Mencari tempat perbaikan dan membunuh ego.